September 23, 2023

Friendly Local (War)Gaming Stores – #TuesdayNewsday 2/1/22

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We mentioned it last week, but we’re starting to gather contributions for our FLG(W)S Spotlight, in which we want to showcase the best of the brick-&-mortar wargaming stores around the US.
We’re hoping to start this recurring feature in a few weeks, but we need your help to load up the entries for the feature. We’ve got a short online form for you to give us the info about the store, and a way to contact you for follow-up questions if we have any.
Please note that you’ll need a Google account for this form because there’s a place on page 2 for you to upload some of your own photos of the store.  Also, don’t scrape photos from their website; give us your pictures of the store, especially ones that can showcase wargames there.

(As a note to store owners / managers: it is totally OK and not gauche at all to submit your own stores!  This is about building the directory, and it’s OK to toot your own horns)












  • Wargame Design Studio are standardizing a lot of the optional rules within their digital game engines.  They explain the rationale for this through the lens of their recent changes to Panzer Campaigns Japan ’45.
  • The Wargaming Company are offering to bring your minis orders to you at AdeptiCon and save you the shipping charges.
  • Worthington’s latest update notes that they’ve got a giant shipment due into the warehouse next week, so look for recent order to start shipping February, probably.
  • Last week we poked fun at Battles! Magazine, Clash of Arms, Ventonuovo, and Minden games for how long it’s been since they updated their sites.  The English-language side of Nuts! Publishing needs to go on that list, too, since their last news update was 23 April…  New England Simulations is getting there, too, as is UK’s Plastic Soldier Company.
  • If you’re looking for some high-quality scans of older SPI games, check out these guys.







Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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