July 18, 2024

Looking Ahead to Actual Conventions! – Tuesday Newsday 7/6/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Origins is coming up in October, and we’re assembling the Dragoons to finalize our plans for wargaming events there.  In the meanwhile, CSW Expo, Gen Con, CompassCon, and MACE are all supposed to be happening this year as well.  And WBC?  Well, sort of.

Which conventions are you tackling this year?  Are you going to join us at Origins?


Newly Released This Week:


  • Compass Games’ new NATO, Designer Signature Edition is starting to arrive on doorsteps, even though it ‘officially’ releases tomorrow.  You can still get it at pre-order price if you hurry.
  • S&T Press is now shipping World at War #79 to subscribers, and it’s available to order on their site.
  • Tactics & Strategy out of Poland has released Bannockburn 1314, continuing their tradition of including the year of the battle in the title.
  • Ares Games will be handling the English-language release of 300: Air & Water from Nuts! Publishing, covering the Greco-Persian Wars.
  • Battlefront Minis has released a bunch of new accessories for the Flames of War Romanians.
  • Avalanche Press has Great War at Sea: Jutland back in print.
  • SJ Games is now shipping the re-release of GURPS SWAT.
  • High Flying Dice Games is shipping Sad Days of Battle on the Spanish Civil War Battle of Jarama River.


On Sale This Week:


Newly Launched This Week:

  • Against the Odds has a preorder they’re running on their site for the same Beyond Waterloo game they had on Kickstarter.  It’s a slightly different kind of preorder – you’re being charged immediately – but it’s still a deal from them.
  • Honestly not sure if we’ve highlighted The Doomsday Project: Episode Two, The Battle for the Balkans from Compass Games already, and too lazy to confirm/deny.  Either way, it’s still on preorder, so go take a look.
  • OK, look, they’re too big to use in a real minis game, unless you’re playing them as a giants. But the new Nymphs of Light & Shadows minis on Kickstarter are pretty much everything you’d expect a nymph to be, only taller.
  • Dungeon Chess.  Huh.  Long way to go to get funded, but might be an interesting game.
  • Compass Games also has an expansion to Russia Beseiged that covers Finland and the northern reaches of the Soviet Union that’s on preorder.


New from the Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:


Something From Our Partners:


The Professional Wargaming World:


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