July 20, 2024

Lots of Live Gaming All Over The Place – #TuesdayNewsday 7/13/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Connections UK registration is open, there are professional-focused games underway at the Krulak Center and with the UK Fight Club, and GUWS has plenty of live games starting again.  The professional wargaming world is cranking up their efforts over the summer, and there’s a variety of ways for the hobbyists to get involved, too.

There’s also a ton of live gaming going on all over the place.  We’ve added a new regular section on what’s happening on our site with links to different livestreams and games looking for players, as well as a handful of tournaments, conventions, and events in both the hobby and professional wargaming worlds where you can join a game.


Newly Released This Week:

  • As a special offer, Hollandspiele has reprinted last year’s Hollandays sale freebies – Reign of Witches and The Toledo War – after finding out they were selling for ridiculous amounts on the second-hand market.  Proceeds will also benefit an animal rescue group.
  • According to their website, Worthington should be shipping Soviet Dawn imminently. It’s an updated/upgraded States of Siege game from its old VPG roots.
  • On the heels of games like High Frontier and One Small Step, comes another space-race game.  Rocketmen is a new deckbuilder from Phalanx/Ares that puts new twists on the space race, beyond just “get to the moon”.


On Sale This Week:


Newly Launched This Week:

  • Compass Games is now taking pre-orders for Schnell Boats: Scourge of the English Channel where you play a solitaire game of trying to attack the English in their titular channel during WW2.
  • Tactics & Strategy Wargames (from Poland) are collecting pre-orders for Kalisz 1706 but have not given any release dates.
  • Winged Victory – Among The Clouds Above has made its funding goal and gives you a 1-8 player dogfighting game in WW1.
  • Legion Wargames have put Captain’s Sea on their CPO list, covering American naval battles from 1799-1815.
  • There’s a couple of new RPGs on Kickstarter
    • The Drowned War is a sci-fi RPG that’s set underwater, and uses the Savage Worlds system.
    • Highcaster is a d20 + dice pool system that includes a very richly-developed backstory/world.


This Week With The Armchair Dragoons:



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The Professional & Practitioner Wargaming World:

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