December 6, 2023

Holiday Sales Starting – #TuesdayNewsday 11/22/22

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Plenty of folks are starting their holiday sales, with GMT holding theirs last week, and the Hollandays sale, Osprey Black Friday sale, and Lock ‘n Load’s sale going on right now.  Tell us about the others in the comments below!



This Week’s Other Headline

Regardless of what you think of the Twitter sale and layoffs, there are plenty of other wargamers that are making contingency plans for other platforms, depending on what direction Twitter goes.  We’ve already got our account up on Mastondon, and exploring some other options, even if only as retrans stations for our primary signal.  Ardwulf is already branching out to become the King of Wargaming Media.
Like many other wargamers, we’re not taking sides on any of these current events; we’re merely making contingency plans in preparation for an unknown future.



This is not going to be a short list this week






Everyone seems to have dialed down their crowdfunding for the holidays, so this might be sparse for a few weeks.






Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
You can also submit your own events for our calendar here.

Consolidated-Calendar-SplashWith the holidays coming up, the conventions we’re tracking are mostly after the new year, so you’ve got some time to plan!

  • 3 different conventions on 13-15 January!
    • The ACDC (virtual) (more details coming soon)
    • MarsCon (Norfolk, VA)
    • MMP’s Winter Offensive (Baltimore, MD)
  • 8-12 February GameON! (Seattle, WA)
  • 17-26 February Winterfest (Sandusky, OH)
  • 17-20 February DunDraCon 46 (Santa Clara, CA)
  • 20-26 February Prezcon (Charlottesville, VA)





We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • There’s a Heroes of Might & Magic III boardgame currently on Kickstarter (link).  The project has already rocketed past its initial funding goal, but the campaign still has a week left to go for those who want in on it!
  • Firaxis Games announced a new Leader Pass DLC for Civilization VI (watch the trailer here).  The DLC is comprised of 6 Leader Packs:  The 1st Leader Pack (“Great Negotiators”) just dropped yesterday, with the remaining 5 Leader Packs releasing between now and March 2023 (dates not final).  The Leader Pass is free to new and existing owners of the Civilization VI Anthology on Steam, and is also available for separate purchase.
  • Praxis Games has released Update 1.5 for Interstellar Space: Genesis.  The update includes new galaxy shapes (a long-requested feature), Steam Cloud saves, the ability to auto-assign infrastructure on your colonies, improved AI, and more (read the list here).
  • Arcen Games has been busy, dropping three separate patches for AI War 2 this past week:  Update 5.524 includes fixes & improvements to some of the fleets in the main game & DLC’s, alongside a lot of work & improvements for several official mods.  Update 5.525 adds major improvements to performance in multiplayer, especially in the late-game.  Finally, update 5.526 adds bug-fixes and balance work to the Deep-Space Anomaly Analyzers, alongside some major improvements to several official mods.
  • Developer Shiro Games have released the “Air & Sand” Update for Dune: Spice Wars, as the game continues its development in Steam Early Access (new trailer).  Air & Sand appears to be pretty meaty, adding not only flying units and aerial combat, but also new resource types, new gameplay systems, new building types, and a heck of a lot more.





Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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