October 4, 2023

Convention Events! ~ #TuesdayNewsday 2/7/23

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Seems weird that we’ve turned in our list of events to Origins (in June) before our list of events for Buckeye Game Fest (in April), but we did.  Nothing’s officially approved yet, but you can expect over 60 wargaming events that are a mix of

  • Salerno ’43 (GMT)
  • Liberty of Death (GMT)
  • The1 Third World War (Compass)
  • Brief Border Wars (Compass)
  • Undaunted (Osprey) ~ with the designer!
  • Song for War: Mediterranean Theater (Invicta Rex) ~ with the designers!
  • Plains Indian Wars (GMT)
  • Space Empires 4X (GMT)
  • PanzerBlitz as a PicoArmor minis game
  • A Distant Plain (GMT) as a team / semi-blind event
  • Catastrophe Games: Sadr City, True Command, Arabian Struggle, Stonewall Uprising (most with the designers)
  • Fort Circle Games: Shores of Tripoli, Halls of Montezuma, Votes for Women (with the designers)
  • plus the Command Post Exercises, and the new CPX Doctrine Bootcamps

and that’s just what’s on the schedule so far.  We always have some additional after-hours or off-the-books pickup games breaking out, too



We asked about game groups / meetups back in January, and asked you to chime in with info on your own groups, and here are the ones you sent us.  We also got a message from someone who shared a massive listing of ASL events that can now be found on our master event calendar, along with anyone else below who has a subscribable calendar

  • Cape Fear Wargamers (CFW) is based in Wilmington NC. We just got organized a little over 2 months ago and already there are 27 folks in our email group! We do mostly historical miniatures and board wargames, but most of us do other gaming as well. Most weeks we’ve got one or more games going either at somebody’s house or at Cape Fear Collectibles, our FLGS of choice (the proprietor is also a CFW member).
  • St. Louis Historical Gaming Society (STLHGS)
    We generally meet every 3rd Saturday at Miniature Market (on Manchester Road).
    Facebook  •  BGG  •  Discord: mfxxHFzM5v
  • Columbia, SC. We don’t meet regularly (there are really only about 4-5 of us interested in wargaming, plus a few others interested more generally in boardgaming). We do try to meet every few months at Firefly Games for a general boardgaming day and post those dates on a Facebook group.
    Columbia Boardgamers on Facebook
  • The Victorian Historical Boardgaming Collective.  Hawthorn (Melbourne2) Library meeting rooms, the last Sunday of each month (10 am to 5 pm).  Mainly multi-player historical games and wargames. Also some 2 player wargames.  On BGG
  • The Border Reiver Wargames Society in Newcastle, UK.  Tuesday evening meetings plus occasional Saturdays and the schedule is on their site.  Lots of historical minis
  • Columbus Area Boardgaming Society (CABS).  A general boardgaming crew with a bunch of wargamers as members.  Meetings 3-4x/month with over 100 players at each meeting
  • Armchair Dragoons Wargame Day at Gamer’s Armory/RTP-area in NC. Not a formally-organized club or anything, but we are a group that gathers every month to play; see more below.

Want to get added to the mentions here? Drop us a line in our forums, or in our comments below this article3, and tell us about your local gaming group – when & where you meet, if you have a calendar, what you play, etc.



What’s shipped this past week that you’ll find interesting



Crowdfunding or pre-orders ~ if you can order it now, here it is



Save a few bucks with these deals



What’s happened with the Dragoons this past week

Don’t forget we’ve got Dragoons logo merchandise over at CafePress. It’s as cheap as they’ll let us price it, and the long-sleeve shirts have been spotted at plenty of wargaming conventions over the past 18 months.



Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
You can also submit your own events for our calendar here.



Other great content creators from the wargaming world



News & notes from the business end of the gaming world



Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.



Something neat from outside the wargaming world we wanted to share with you

The folks running the Twitter feed for the National Park Service are pretty funny


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Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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