December 6, 2023

FRAGO for Origins – #TuesdayNewsday 5/3/22

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Origins released a statement that they had changed their mask guidance for this summer’s convention.  The original standard was that all attendees had to be fully vaccinated (and show proof) and wear masks at all times.  The vaccination requirement is still in place, but the mask requirement no longer is.

Warning: do not take this reporting of events at conventions as a license to open up diatribes about medical issues; we are focusing on the business & convention aspect of this issue and are not here to discuss whatever medical studies you keep in your pocket to suit your personal positions.

The reasoning given was largely economic, as there were vendors expressing concerns that the mask policy might lower attendance. Moreover, most of Columbus is, right now, largely mask-free, and Buckeye Game Fest did not require masks (or vaccinations).  That said, there have already been Origins 2022 vendors that have rolled over their registration to next year, and are backing out of this year’s show1.

WHQ-O22-VertAs noted elsewhere, the same thing happened with Adepticon, which originally had a mask mandate in place, and then dropped it in accordance with the local municipality rules.  They were accurately following local guidance, but because they’d original required masks, anyone who pre-registered was obviously OK with that mask requirement.  Once Adepticon changed course, there was a large contingent that cancelled their pre-registrations, insisted on refunds, and backed out of the show – some reports put that number as high as 35% of pre-reg’s that cancelled.
Origins has now changed their mask guidance with under 6 weeks to the show, after the hotel block reservations were made (many of which include a minimum 1 night charge if cancelled this late) and after plane tickets / travel arrangements were booked.  Again, regardless of your personal views on the medicine/science behind the effectiveness of masks, we can all agree that this is ineffective business practice to change the standards this late in the process.

We cannot ignore the medical front, however, and note that last October, Origins required masks for the entire show, and to date, there’s been no one even suggest that a case of COVID might’ve been tied to the Origins 2021.  Meanwhile, there were multiple Adepticon attendees all report positive tests within a week of returning from Adepticon2 (which, admittedly, could’ve been the result of travel rather than show attendance, but those positive tests were all drivers, not fliers).
Moreover, NorWesCon has been very transparent about their post-convention COVID reporting.

Both of these combine to suggest that while we are not here to litigate the science behind various COVID mitigation measures, being empathetic of the legitimate concerns of convention attendees to not risk their own health under current conditions should be respected, and not mocked. So if you’re supportive of GAMA’s actions, that’s fine.  But maybe don’t rub it in everyone’s faces with a pro wrestling gif, then be coy about rubbing it in everyone’s faces, and then try to deny that you rubbed it in everyone’s faces.

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The ballot is out for this year’s Charlies.  That’s all we’ve got on them for now….




















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  1. Leder Games, Modiphius, Snowbright Studio
  2. disclosed privately to the author and not going to violate their medical privacy by announcing them
  3. don’t ask what that gets it down to; it’s still a LOT

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