March 30, 2023

Mentioned In Dispatches – Season 7 Ep 10 – Robotech Reconstruction

19 November 2021 ~

The two-headed design team known collectively as “Dr Witcz” joins us to talk about their game Robotech Reconstruction.  Say wha…?  Robotech?!  C’mon guys, you’re a wargaming site!
Yeah, but it’s actually a barely-disguised multi-faceted counterinsurgency, that just happens to be built on a well-known sci-fi media franchise.

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The guys openly admit that they were “COIN-inspired” in the asymmetric nature of the conflict, with each of four different factions having variable victory conditions and impermanent allies.  They also discuss what inspiration came directly from the Robotech canon, what they tweaked, and where they hope to go next.  Oh, and how they packed it all into a 2-hour game.

In any event, it’s great to see another new generation of designers tackling some tough design challenges and keeping a great media franchise alive in the gaming world.  You can find out much more on the game at the publisher’s site.

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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches - Season 7 Ep 10 - Robotech Reconstruction

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