December 3, 2021

Mentioned In Dispatches – Season 7 Ep 5 – Amphibious Operations & Wargaming

15 October 2021 ~

No, we are not channeling our inner Charles Shackleford and using both hands.  We’ve gathered Moe & Rocky to talk about amphibious operations in wargaming.  Obviously, we’re focusing on WW2 and the ‘famous’ things like D-Day and Iwo Jima, but we talk about a variety of other actions and other conflicts, as well.  We also spend some time talking about the challenges of how to scale the game when designing one on an amphibious operations.  And no, Rocky was not speaking to us from underwater; it just a dodgy audio connection on occasion.

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So we talk about Gallipoli, frozen French cavalry charges, Operation Mincemeat, D-Day at Tarawa, how many Marines you really need, riverine operations, Brad Pitt’s Saving Private Ryan-inspired beach assault from Troy, Sicily & Salerno, Fort Fisher, War in the Wind, Dunkirk, Washington crossing the Delaware, Denmark vs Canada, and the Scheldt campaign.  We liberally name-check Harold Buchanan, Hermann Luttman, and Brian Train, among others.

What do you abstract?  What can you leave in?  At what scale? How’s Fred’s dog doing on his walk?  How much planning vs execution?  How much of it happened before WW2?  And will we ever stop asking questions?

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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches - Season 7 Ep 5 - Amphibious Operations & Wargaming

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3 thoughts on “Mentioned In Dispatches – Season 7 Ep 5 – Amphibious Operations & Wargaming

  1. So much depends on the scale. I would argue that at the low-level tactical end, the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER system does an amazing job of depicting the mechanics of amphibious assaults, whether it be in the core modules or the HASL products like BLOODY REEF TARAWA, or third party products like OMAHA WEST and OMAHA EAST, among others. At a a higher platoon level, I’d argue that the Tactical Combat Series game OMAHA: THE BLOODY BEACH and Grognard Simulations DEATH RIDE: NORMANDY series titles are perhaps the apogee of realism. For the company level, my vote goes for the Grand Tactical Series THE GREATEST DAY: SWORD, JUNO, AND GOLD or the Company Scale Series games on Pacific battles, SAIPAN: THE BLOODY ROCK, GUAM: RETURN TO GLORY, and TINIAN: THE FORGOTTEN BATTLE. For another take, DAY OF DAYS is a very generalized treatment but still fun. Once you get to the battalion level or above, there’s more games that cover this than I can list.

  2. We received this by email from the nice folks over at Grognard Sims

    I saw your podcast on Amphibious Wargames, and listened in for a bit, but was surprised not to hear anything mentioned about Death Ride – Tarawa or Death Ride Normandy. I am of course biased in my thinking they model many of the critical elements of amphibious warfare. They certainly handle the actual landings with such detail regarding the landing craft and getting from the transports to the beach, while combining naval gunfire support and air support. They highlight the terrible situation with the LCVPs running aground on the reef at Tarawa and the Marines being very vulnerable in the Lagoon as they wade ashore. The Normandy series has great detail on the Atlantik Wall WNs and accounts for tides and differing landing times for US and CW forces. If they interest you let me know.

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