December 3, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 11 Ep 7 ~ Traveller & Other Inferior Sci-Fi Games

3 November 2023

Hey look, if Gary & Rocky are here together, there’s at least a +3 DRM to the “discuss Traveller” check, so we figured this week we’d just lean into it.

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So Brant & Mike are largely along for the ride as we talk some about the publication history of the system, some of the different development forks, and the current state of Traveller with the various OGL/Cepheus Engine versions as well as the ‘original’ as it currently stands.  We definitely discuss the “Third Imperium” setting and whether the game is ‘setting agnostic’ or not.  We do compare a few parts of Traveller to some other sci-fi games, and discuss what we do/n’t like about them compared to the original.  There’s also a bit of chatter about the graphic design of the game, too.

Were you a Traveller player?  What did you like (or not) about the game?  What other sci-fi RPGs have you played?  What are some of your favorite sci-fi RPG settings?  What settings do you think would work well with Traveller?


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Season 11
Season 11
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 11 Ep 7 ~ Traveller & Other Inferior Sci-Fi Games

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