Mentioned in Dispatches, S1E7 – Napoleon: So What?!

For the seventh episode of our new podcast, Mentioned in Dispatches we tackle some of wargaming’s most pressing questions:

  • Was the designer of the KV-2 on drugs, or just too much vodka?
  • How big does a game have to get before it’s unplayable?
  • and most importantly – Why do we give a rip about Napoleonic wargames?

Chuckle along with the cast of a Fellini film as we dig into these existential wargaming questions, and give us your own thoughts in our forums or down below.

Thanks for listening!  We’d love to have your feedback either in the comment area below, or in our discussion forum.  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Mentioned in Dispatches, S1E7 – Napoleon: So What?!
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