Mentioned in Dispatches, S4E8 – Game Ripoffs!

Insurgent Catan? 7 Wonders meets Game of Thrones?  Aftershocks aplenty?  And how is the game industry today like rock & roll in Almost Famous?

Podcast rookie Ian (Rocky Mountain Navy) joins Brant & Jim to talk about some of the intellectual property issues in wargaming (and broader tabletop gaming), inspired by the recent events with some military officers filing for a patent on a game that looks a lot like Catan.

So yes, we cover all of the above, and a few others, and here are the links to prove it!

And here’s the link to our guest Ian’s very active Twitter feed, as well as his blog.

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Mentioned in Dispatches, S4E8 – Game Ripoffs!
Season 4

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Mentioned in Dispatches, S4E8 – Game Ripoffs!
One comment on “Mentioned in Dispatches, S4E8 – Game Ripoffs!
  1. brtrain says:

    C’mon… all that talent and ingenuity out there, and they just do a cover version of Catan? To train SOF? I’m surprised at you NPS….

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