March 29, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 10 Ep 1 ~ The OGL For Wargaming

10 February 2023

With Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro’s ridiculous mishandling of the Open Game License since the new year, gaming omnivores who cross between RPGs & wargames have had plenty of ‘entertainment.’  BUT it also go us to thinking “what would an open game license or system reference document for wargaming look like and are there use cases that could serve as an example of how an open rules system might work?”  Don’t know what “the OGL” is?  Don’t worry; we explain it.

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Well, Brant & Gary are never short of opinions, but in this case they were a little short of expertise.  So we brought in Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing to join the conversation.  Chris worked at WotC back when the OGL was first put in place, and Green Ronin was one of the first companies to publish content under that license.  In the 20 years since, his company has published OGL compatible material, created their own game engine, and an accompanying process for creators to release their own content for it, and signed on to one of the OGL alternatives currently being developed by the non-WotC members of the industry (Paizo’s ORC license).MiD GreenRonin
Oh, and Chris is also a long-time wargamer with a deep knowledge of both minis and hex-&-counter wargaming.  So he seemed like a great person to bring in and discuss this wacky idea of an OGL for the wargaming world, with a few examples of how it might work.

What do you think, listeners?  Are there some legs here?  What are some examples of game systems that have crossed eras, scales, or genres that could make for an open system upon which others could build?

Oh, and the usual references


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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 10 Ep 1 ~ The OGL For Wargaming

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