July 18, 2024

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 11 Ep 6 ~ The Levy & Campaign System

27 October 2023

Brant and Justin1 take some time to talk about the Levy & Campaign system overall, as well as the specific implementation is his Seljuk game.

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We spend some time talking about hockey, of course, because it’s Brant & Justin, but we save it for the end.  Leading up to that, we talk about how the overall L&C system forces more planning onto the players: for their availability of forces, the logistical support (and transport of those supplies!), and route throughput.  We also cover the research that Justin did for his design, and what did/n’t survive playtesting and development.  We opened up the show talking about some games Justin’s played recently, and Brant almost bought a copy of 1812: War on the Great Lakes Frontier during the podcast.

Go get your pledge in for Seljuk to lock in the p500 price, and let us know what, if any, other L&C games you’ve played and what you thought of them


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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 11 Ep 6 ~ The Levy & Campaign System


  1. not Justinian

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