April 1, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 9 Ep 2 ~ Games vs Sims

16 September 2022 ~

OK, so Rocky picked a fight with his recent analysis of Harold’s latest, the Flashpoint South China Sea game, that sprawled across multiple Twitter threads.  That naturally led to a variety of discussions about “games” vs “sims” and of course, we weren’t going to let the opportunity go to waste, and promptly dialed up Volko Ruhnke for his first ever appearance on Mentioned in Dispatches, and we also brought along Dr James Sterrett, because he’s been losing the “games” vs “sims” argument to Brant since 2007 or so.

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This isn’t one of our longest podcasts, but we certainly pack a lot into it, with Volko making some great points about simplification, James explaining how models become interactive, and Rocky adding the all-important qualifier of “to me” to just about everything.

We covered a lot of links, so here they are:

A wargame is a playable simulation. A conflict simulation is another name for wargame, one that leaves out the two unsavory terms, “war” and “game.”

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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 9 Ep 2 ~ Games vs Sims

3 thoughts on “Mentioned in Dispatches Season 9 Ep 2 ~ Games vs Sims

  1. IT WAS OK THANKS SOME INTRESTING PIONTS I NEVER REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT and I agree with the last contributor its all about fun. played some games once and never again but on occasions have come back to games after many years and appreciated there cunning complexities.

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