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There was only one other bomb so perhaps events could have been altered slightly after the first attack with no immediate second and a long pause while other devices were being painstakingly built. Remember, the Japanese had no way of knowing there were only two, hence the gambled use of both of them, bluffing there was a bigger supply. Russia's actions in Europe could also have become bolder.
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The Japanese government was still looking for terms after the Hiroshima bombing. With no prompt follow-up attack, they might have held on for a bit longer.

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33 years ago today I started my first post-collegiate job.  Reagan was president, and the first project I worked on was funded by SDI.  As the new guy, I got a the latest and greatest computer: an IBM AT with 40 Mb of storage and DOS 3.3 (I think).  And a box of 5-1/4 inch floppies.

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Wow. That was a real beast for the day. Bet you fell in love didn't you? And when the boss wasn't looking.... what'd you play on it?

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