January 24, 2021


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2021/01/23Saturday Night Fights – Leipzig, for Blucher, part XIII of ?Features, Wargame Night2021-01-23 20:34:03
2021/01/23The ACDC – The After Action ReportAnalysis, Conventions2021-01-23 10:05:22
2021/01/21#Unboxing Day – Buffalo Wings 2 – The Deluxe Reprint Edition (Against the Odds, 2020)Unboxing2021-01-21 22:01:00
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – 1754 ConquestUnboxing2021-01-21 19:58:08
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – Horse & Musket: Dawn of an EraMy Own Worst Enemy, Unboxing2021-01-21 18:04:17
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – Empire at Sunrise (Hollandspiele, 2021)Unboxing2021-01-21 16:04:34
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – Space Infantry: FederationPartners, Unboxing2021-01-21 14:08:04
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – Devil Boats: PT Boats in the SolomonsUnboxing2021-01-21 12:02:52
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – Don’t Tread on MePartners, Unboxing2021-01-21 10:08:14
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – France ’40Unboxing2021-01-21 08:00:55
2021/01/21#Unboxing Day – C3i Magazine Nr. 34 featuring Battle for Kursk (RBM Studios, 2020)Unboxing2021-01-21 06:00:49
2021/01/21#UnboxingDay – Decision at Kasserine : Rommel’s Last ChanceUnboxing2021-01-21 04:00:00
2021/01/20My Own Worst Enemy ~ A Splendid Little WarAfter-Action Reports, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2021-01-20 08:00:21
2021/01/19Back to Reality! – Tuesday Newsday 1/19/21Features, News2021-01-19 11:18:10
2021/01/16Saturday Night Fights at #TheACDC – Epic Memoir ’44 in the BulgeFeatures, Wargame Night2021-01-16 20:45:00
2021/01/15Livestreaming The ACDCConventions2021-01-15 10:00:00
2021/01/14Classic Reviews: 7 Wonders DuelReviews2021-01-14 10:00:00
2021/01/13The Armchair Dragoons Have Launched a PatreonFeatures, News2021-01-13 15:54:27
2021/01/12The Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention this weekend! – Tuesday Newsday 1/12/21Features, News2021-01-12 14:19:15
2021/01/11Thinking the UNTHINKABLE when playing Iron Curtain: Central Europe, 1945-1989 from Multi-Man PublishingFeatures, Reviews2021-01-11 16:05:41
2021/01/09Saturday Night Fights – Leipzig, for Blucher, part XII of ?Features, Wargame Night2021-01-09 10:00:00
2021/01/0510 Days Until Our Next Online Convention – Tuesday Newsday 1/5/21Features, News2021-01-05 14:18:11
2021/01/02Saturday Night Fights – The Battle of ThapsusFeatures, Wargame Night2021-01-02 10:00:00
2020/12/29Event Registration Now Open for The ACDCConventions, Features, News2020-12-29 22:25:30
2020/12/29The ACDC Countdown Is On – Tuesday Newsday 12/29/20Features, News2020-12-29 14:18:00
2020/12/28Badge Sales Now Open for The ACDCConventions, Features, News2020-12-28 22:14:10
2020/12/26Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part XI of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-12-26 23:46:45
2020/12/23The ACDC Events ScheduleConventions, Features, News2020-12-23 13:56:05
2020/12/23My Own Worst Enemy ~ Blitz! A World in Conflict Part 3After-Action Reports, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-12-23 13:00:24
2020/12/22We’re Having a Convention – Tuesday Newsday 12/22/20Features, News2020-12-22 15:46:33
2020/12/20Announcing the ACDC – Armchair Dragoons Digital ConventionConventions, Features, News2020-12-20 16:22:29
2020/12/20Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part X of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-12-20 01:26:07
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! The HuntersFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 20:00:25
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! Judge Dredd: Cursed EarthFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 18:00:27
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! US Naval War College WargamingFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 16:30:39
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! Fields of FireFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 15:12:26
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! Soldier KingsFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 14:00:27
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! The Tide at SunriseFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 13:10:25
2020/12/17#UnboxingDay! US Civil WarFeatures, Unboxing2020-12-17 11:00:17
2020/12/16Battle Lab: Another “Resurgence” of Military WargamingAnalysis, Columns, Features2020-12-16 10:04:53
2020/12/15Tuesday Newsday 12/15/20Features, News2020-12-15 15:18:54
2020/12/12Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part IX of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-12-12 22:37:05
2020/12/10Armchair Dragoons Reviews One Small Step by Academy GamesFeatures, Reviews2020-12-10 16:17:45
2020/12/08Big Announcements Coming Soon – Tuesday Newsday 12/8/20Features, News2020-12-08 15:18:56
2020/12/07DIME’ing out the South China SeaAfter-Action Reports, Analysis, Features2020-12-07 21:44:05
2020/12/05Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 8 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-12-05 22:37:04
2020/12/01MOAR SALEZ! – Tuesday Newsday 12/1/20Features, News2020-12-01 15:18:55
2020/11/28Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 7 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-11-28 22:37:06
2020/11/26My Own Worst Enemy ~ Solobabble: Episode 2Analysis, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-11-26 14:00:50
2020/11/25My Own Worst Enemy ~ Blitz! A World in Conflict Part 2After-Action Reports, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-11-25 14:00:49
2020/11/24Sale week! – Tuesday Newsday 11/24/20Features, News2020-11-24 15:18:56
2020/11/23Analysis of Brotherhood & Unity by Compass GamesAnalysis, Features2020-11-23 20:02:33
2020/11/22No Enemies Here, S3 E33Features, News2020-11-22 18:19:40
2020/11/21Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 6 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-11-21 22:37:04
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! All Bridges BurningFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 23:14:30
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! The White TribeFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 22:09:00
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! D-Day QuadFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 21:08:55
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! By Stealth and SeaFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 19:09:01
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! Next War: VietnamFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 17:08:51
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! Iron CurtainFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 16:08:50
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! Close ActionFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 15:08:49
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! Phantom DivisionFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 13:08:51
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! HedgemonyFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 11:08:48
2020/11/19#UnboxingDay! D-Day at OmahaFeatures, Unboxing2020-11-19 09:05:15
2020/11/18My Own Worst Enemy ~ Blitz! A World in Conflict Part 1After-Action Reports, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-11-18 14:00:54
2020/11/18A First Look at Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Craftworld Aeldari by Matrix GamesArticles, Features, Reviews2020-11-18 11:42:35
2020/11/17Gearing up for the holidays – Tuesday Newsday 11/17/20Features, News2020-11-17 15:18:54
2020/11/16Design x Dragoons: The Golden BB, Or Critical Hits At A Large ScaleDesign, Features2020-11-16 14:54:12
2020/11/15No Enemies Here, S3 E32Features, News2020-11-15 11:26:34
2020/11/14Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 5 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-11-14 21:37:03
2020/11/11My Own Worst Enemy ~ Blitz! A World in ConflictAfter-Action Reports, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-11-11 22:50:21
2020/11/10Veterans Day & Remembrance Day – Tuesday Newsday 11/10/20Features, News2020-11-10 12:18:54
2020/11/08No Enemies Here, S3 E31Features, News2020-11-08 18:19:39
2020/11/07Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 4 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-11-07 22:37:03
2020/11/05#TBT – The 1982 Avalon Hill CatalogArticles, Features2020-11-05 09:06:44
2020/11/03Get Out The Vote! – Tuesday Newsday 3 November 2020Features, News2020-11-03 12:30:50
2020/11/02Design x Dragoons: Key Facet of a Historical EraDesign, Features2020-11-02 14:54:09
2020/11/01No Enemies Here, S3 E30Features, News2020-11-01 18:19:38
2020/10/31Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 3 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-10-31 23:23:55
2020/10/291809 Vol de L’Aigle Kriegsspiel ~ AAR Part the SecondAfter-Action Reports, Features2020-10-29 16:00:19
2020/10/281809 Vol de L’Aigle Kriegsspiel ~ AAR Part the FirstAfter-Action Reports, Features2020-10-28 16:00:50
2020/10/28My Own Worst Enemy ~ First Look: Operation BattleaxeArticles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy, Reviews2020-10-28 12:00:28
2020/10/27The Charlies Are Announced- Tuesday Newsday 27 October 2020Features, News2020-10-27 12:21:54
2020/10/26Design x Dragoons: The White Cell, and Wargame InjectsDesign, Features2020-10-26 14:54:23
2020/10/25No Enemies Here, CSR Awards SpecialFeatures, News2020-10-25 23:19:21
2020/10/25Armchair Dragoons Reviews The Shores of Tripoli by Fort Circle GamesFeatures, Reviews2020-10-25 11:02:50
2020/10/24Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 2 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-10-24 23:06:05
2020/10/22My Own Worst Enemy ~ Horse and Musket – Dawn of a New EraAfter-Action Reports, Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-10-22 21:00:32
2020/10/22Comparing Mobile Civ-Style 4x GamesAnalysis, Features, Reviews2020-10-22 09:45:16
2020/10/20SDHISTCON Follows Us Into The Virtual Realm – Tuesday Newsday 20 October 2020Features, News2020-10-20 12:21:54
2020/10/19My Own Worst Enemy ~ Solobabble Episode 1Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-10-19 18:56:18
2020/10/18No Enemies Here, S3 E28Features, News2020-10-18 18:30:03
2020/10/17Saturday Night Fights! Leipzig, for Blucher, part 1 of ?Features, Wargame Night2020-10-17 23:52:14
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! District Commander: Kandahar by HollandspieleFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 23:50:27
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Gorbachev: The Fall of Communism by White Dog GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 22:05:27
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Aliens: Bug Hunt by Pinnacle Entertainment GroupFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 20:00:04
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Shores of Tripoli by Fort Circle GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 18:00:04
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Nemesis: Burma 1944 by Legion WargamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 16:00:02
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Forbidden Lands by Free League PublishingFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 14:30:13
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Fleet Commander: Nimitz, 2nd Edition by DVGFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 13:00:02
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion by Cephalofair GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 11:00:04
2020/10/15#UnboxingDay! Fields of Fire 2 by GMT GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-10-15 09:00:18
2020/10/13Countdown to #UnBoxingDay – Tuesday Newsday 13 October 2020Features, News2020-10-13 12:21:20
2020/10/12Design x Dragoons: The One Important Thing™Design, Features2020-10-12 14:54:09
2020/10/11No Enemies Here, S3 E27Features, News2020-10-11 18:29:57
2020/10/11Saturday Night Fights! Prelude to MatapanFeatures, Wargame Night2020-10-11 00:16:27
2020/10/06Invasion of the GUWS! – Tuesday Newsday 6 October 2020Features, News2020-10-06 12:10:53
2020/10/05Design x Dragoons: Heroes of the BattlefieldDesign, Features2020-10-05 14:54:04
2020/10/04No Enemies Here, S3 E26Features, News2020-10-04 18:29:57
2020/10/03Saturday Night Fights! Sink the Bismarck!Features, News, Wargame Night2020-10-03 22:53:09
2020/10/03My Own Worst Enemy ~ Napoleon’s Last Battles – Ligny Turn 4After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-10-03 12:00:26
2020/09/30The Wargaming Network: How To Play Wargames on VASSAL, with ArdwulfArticles, Partners2020-09-30 17:55:18
2020/09/29RAND Releases Hedgemony to the World- Tuesday Newsday 29 September 2020Features, News2020-09-29 12:10:51
2020/09/28Design x Dragoons: Stealing A Good IdeaDesign, Features2020-09-28 11:54:06
2020/09/27No Enemies Here, S3 E25Features, News2020-09-27 18:30:31
2020/09/26Saturday Night Fights! Battle of Santo DomingoFeatures, Wargame Night2020-09-26 22:53:18
2020/09/24Classic Reviews: Eight Minute EmpireReviews2020-09-24 14:46:21
2020/09/22Oops, Compass Did It Again – Tuesday Newsday 22 September 2020Features, News2020-09-22 12:10:51
2020/09/21Design x Dragoons: Military Doctrine on the TabletopDesign, Features2020-09-21 15:24:11
2020/09/20No Enemies Here, S3 E24Features, News2020-09-20 18:29:57
2020/09/19Saturday Night Fights! The Battle of River PlateFeatures, Wargame Night2020-09-19 22:53:08
2020/09/19My Own Worst Enemy ~ Napoleon’s Last Battles – Ligny Turn 3After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-09-19 12:00:49
2020/09/17Unboxing Flying Colors DELUXE 3rd ed from GMT GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 22:40:23
2020/09/17Unboxing One Small Step from Academy GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 21:55:18
2020/09/17Unboxing Verdun from Fellowship of SimulationsFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 20:40:35
2020/09/17Unboxing SeaFall by Ironwall GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 19:20:28
2020/09/17Unboxing Napoleon Retreats from OSGFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 17:59:58
2020/09/17Unboxing Last Stand: The Battle for Moscow 1941-42 from MMPFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 16:00:55
2020/09/17Unboxing Flying Colors 3rd Edition Update Kit from GMT GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 14:00:55
2020/09/17Unboxing Star Fleet MarinesFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 12:00:00
2020/09/17Unboxing Victoria Cross II from Worthington GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-09-17 10:00:10
2020/09/15Compass Goes Nuts on Pre-Orders – Tuesday Newsday 15 September 2020Features, News2020-09-15 12:10:52
2020/09/13No Enemies Here, S3 E23Features, News2020-09-13 18:29:56
2020/09/12Saturday Night Fights! The Battle of Lake ErieFeatures, Wargame Night2020-09-12 22:53:06
2020/09/12Battle Lab: Team COIN Wargaming – A “How To” PrimerAnalysis, Columns, Conventions, Design, Features2020-09-12 13:09:51
2020/09/10Monster GamesColumns, Features, Partners2020-09-10 14:16:17
2020/09/09My Own Worst Enemy ~ Napoleon’s Last Battles – Ligny Turn 2After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-09-09 16:00:23
2020/09/08Another batch of news! – Tuesday Newsday 8 September 2020Features, News2020-09-08 12:10:52
2020/09/06SUNday Night Fights! C&C:N ~ The Anniversary of Borodino!Features, Wargame Night2020-09-06 23:32:07
2020/09/06No Enemies Here, S3 E22Features, News2020-09-06 14:46:04
2020/09/05Saturday Night Fights! C&C:A ~ Battle Of MarathonFeatures, News, Wargame Night2020-09-05 22:53:08
2020/09/04My Own Worst Enemy ~ Napoleon’s Last Battles – Ligny Turn 1After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-09-04 17:00:23
2020/09/03Classic Reviews: 7 Wonders mobile versionReviews2020-09-03 15:26:01
2020/09/01Another convention down! – Tuesday Newsday 1 September 2020Features, News2020-09-01 12:10:51
2020/08/30No Enemies Here, S3 E21Features, News2020-08-30 13:46:04
2020/08/29Saturday Night Fights! The Epic Battle of Vimiero, Part 2Features, Wargame Night2020-08-29 23:17:39
2020/08/26My Own Worst Enemy ~ Guadalcanal – A Combat Boots GameFeatures, My Own Worst Enemy, Unboxing2020-08-26 16:07:20
2020/08/25Big Preorder Edition – Tuesday Newsday 25 August 2020Features, News2020-08-25 13:55:52
2020/08/23No Enemies Here, S3 E20Features, News2020-08-23 11:46:04
2020/08/22Saturday Night Fights! The Epic Battle of Vimiero, Part 1Features, Wargame Night2020-08-22 23:55:57
2020/08/20Unboxing Tiny Epic Mechs from Gamelyn GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-08-20 22:00:02
2020/08/20Unboxing Old School Tactical Vol III from Flying Pig GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-08-20 20:05:48
2020/08/20Unboxing Proud Monster Deluxe from Compass GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-08-20 18:00:48
2020/08/20Unboxing Heights of Courage from MMPFeatures, Unboxing2020-08-20 16:05:01
2020/08/20Unboxing One Small Step from Academy GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-08-20 14:50:49
2020/08/20Unboxing Battle of the Bulge from Compass GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-08-20 12:00:21
2020/08/19Connections Conference 2020 – An AARAfter-Action Reports, Conventions, Features2020-08-19 11:31:13
2020/08/18Just another week of wargaming – Tuesday Newsday 18 August 2020Features, News2020-08-18 18:55:40
2020/08/16No Enemies Here, S3 E19Features, News2020-08-16 14:47:09
2020/08/15Saturday Night Fights! The Epic Battle of GaugamelaFeatures, Wargame Night2020-08-15 23:03:26
2020/08/13Wednesday Night Warfare! More Scharnhorst Campaign for BlücherFeatures, Wargame Night2020-08-13 00:58:58
2020/08/11Connections Conference is underway! – Tuesday Newsday 11 August 2020Features, News2020-08-11 14:55:39
2020/08/09No Enemies Here, S3 E18Features, News2020-08-09 12:46:04
2020/08/08Saturday Night Fights! Epic Battle of ZamaFeatures, Wargame Night2020-08-08 23:40:35
2020/08/08Classic Articles: A Different Theory of Japan’s Surrender in WW2Articles, Historical Sites, Research2020-08-08 12:22:22
2020/08/07My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread on Me Turn 15After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-08-07 20:05:39
2020/08/06Virtual Dragoons Assembly 2020 – The AARAfter-Action Reports, Conventions, Features, News2020-08-06 12:30:23
2020/08/05Wednesday Night Warfare! Scharnhorst Campaign for BlücherFeatures, Wargame Night2020-08-05 23:55:43
2020/08/04“We Survived the Convention” Edition – Tuesday Newsday 4 August 2020Features, News2020-08-04 13:55:40
2020/08/02My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread on Me Turn 14After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-08-02 23:06:05
2020/08/02No Enemies Here, S3 E17Features, News2020-08-02 15:54:02
2020/08/02Virtual Dragoons Assembly Video FeedsConventions, Features2020-08-02 09:26:10
2020/07/31Dragoons Assembly 2020 – Live tonight!Conventions, Features, News2020-07-31 17:22:53
2020/07/28Convention Countdown! – Tuesday Newsday 28 July 2020Features, News2020-07-28 18:55:48
2020/07/26No Enemies Here, S3 E16Features, News2020-07-26 15:54:02
2020/07/25Saturday Night Fights! Have Yourself an Austerlitz!Features, Wargame Night2020-07-25 22:10:36
2020/07/24My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread on Me Turn 13After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-07-24 16:15:45
2020/07/23Unboxing Gathering Storm from GMT GamesFeatures, Unboxing2020-07-23 23:28:07
2020/07/23Unboxing Time of Crisis: The Roman Empire in Turmoil, 235-284 ADFeatures, Unboxing2020-07-23 20:50:16
2020/07/23Unboxing Old School Tactical: Vol II – West Front 1944/45Features, Unboxing2020-07-23 18:45:48
2020/07/23Unboxing Great War CommanderFeatures, Unboxing2020-07-23 17:05:46
2020/07/23Unboxing Compass Games Traders of the AirFeatures, Unboxing2020-07-23 16:10:31
2020/07/23Unboxing Hungarian RhapsodyFeatures, Unboxing2020-07-23 12:05:14
2020/07/23Unboxing the GMT care packageFeatures, Unboxing2020-07-23 10:05:17
2020/07/23Classic Unboxing: A Place 2 Play tilesUnboxing2020-07-23 07:45:40
2020/07/23Unboxing Old School Tactical : Ghost Front Belgium 1944Features, Unboxing2020-07-23 04:14:32
2020/07/21Dragoons Assembly Merchandise!Features, News2020-07-21 20:27:46
2020/07/21Convention Countdown – Tuesday Newsday 21 July 2020Features, News2020-07-21 12:55:34
2020/07/19My Own Worst Enemy ~ McPherson’s Ridge Turn 2After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-07-19 23:05:50
2020/07/19No Enemies Here, S3 E15Features, News2020-07-19 16:04:15
2020/07/18Saturday Night Fights! C&C Ancients – Ilipa!Features, Wargame Night2020-07-18 22:47:31
2020/07/17My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread on Me Turn 12After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-07-17 16:12:56
2020/07/17Dragoons Assembly Update – New events added!News2020-07-17 14:11:26
2020/07/16Dragoons Assembly Update – Events selling out!Features, News2020-07-16 18:49:24
2020/07/16Armchair Dragoons Reviews Big Trouble in Little China: The Board GameFeatures, Reviews2020-07-16 12:53:51
2020/07/14Pre-Order-Palooza! – Tuesday Newsday 14 July 2020Features, News2020-07-14 12:54:29
2020/07/13Design x Dragoons: Fantasy Wargaming?Design, Features2020-07-13 18:52:14
2020/07/12No Enemies Here, S3 E14 – with the Virtual Dragoons Assembly interview!Features, News2020-07-12 16:00:15
2020/07/11Saturday Night Fights! C&C Ancients – Dertosa!Features, Wargame Night2020-07-11 23:27:35
2020/07/10My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread on Me Turn 11After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-07-10 16:07:12
2020/07/09Classic Reviews: Hector & Achilles from Phalanx GamesReviews2020-07-09 17:09:52
2020/07/07The Virtual Dragoons Assembly! – Tuesday Newsday 7 July 2020Features, News2020-07-07 11:30:52
2020/07/05No Enemies Here, S3 E13Features, News2020-07-05 17:27:20
2020/07/04Saturday Night Fights! C&C Ancients – Cannae!Features, Wargame Night2020-07-04 23:30:54
2020/07/03My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread on Me Turn 10After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-07-03 16:17:37
2020/07/02Armchair Dragoons Reviews Brief Border Wars from Compass GamesFeatures, Reviews2020-07-02 19:44:18
2020/07/02My Own Worst Enemy ~ McPherson’s Ridge Intro & Turn 1After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-07-02 11:26:24
2020/07/01Armchair Dragoons Reviews Wake Island: A Heroic Defiance from Lock ‘n LoadFeatures, Reviews2020-07-01 15:35:42
2020/06/30We’re having a convention! Tuesday Newsday – 30 June 2020Features, News2020-06-30 12:00:18
2020/06/30Announcing the Virtual Dragoons Assembly 2020Conventions, Features, News2020-06-30 00:48:17
2020/06/29Design x Dragoons: Co-op Wargaming?Design, Features2020-06-29 15:51:29
2020/06/28No Enemies Here, S3 E12Features, News2020-06-28 17:25:11
2020/06/27Saturday Night Fights! Massive Battle of Lake TrasimenusFeatures, Wargame Night2020-06-27 23:15:18
2020/06/26My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread On Me, Ep, uh… 9?After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-06-26 16:20:25
2020/06/25What The Hell Did BC Buy This Week – First Look!Articles, Features, Unboxing2020-06-25 23:30:41
2020/06/25Classic Reviews: Unboxing Red Raven’s City of IronArticles2020-06-25 19:15:36
2020/06/25My Own Worst Enemy ~ War & Peace – First Look!Articles, Features, My Own Worst Enemy, Unboxing2020-06-25 18:07:30
2020/06/25Austerlitz 1805 – First Look!Articles, Features, Unboxing2020-06-25 14:44:35
2020/06/24Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 7After-Action Reports, Features2020-06-24 11:53:54
2020/06/23Ventonuovo launches a Black Swan – Tuesday Newsday – 23 June 2020Features, News2020-06-23 11:41:29
2020/06/22Design x Dragoons: Details, details, details!Design, Features2020-06-22 16:56:47
2020/06/21No Enemies Here, S3 E11Features, News2020-06-21 16:59:41
2020/06/20Saturday Night, er…”Afternoon” Fights! WATERLOO!Features, Wargame Night2020-06-20 17:18:41
2020/06/19My Own Worst Enemy ~ Don’t Tread On Me, Ep 9After-Action Reports, Features, My Own Worst Enemy2020-06-19 16:20:29
2020/06/17Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 6After-Action Reports, Features2020-06-17 15:24:44
2020/06/16GAMA Follies – Tuesday Newsday – 16 June 2020Features, News2020-06-16 12:19:15
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2019/05/07Battle Lab: Command Post Exercises at Origins, The InterviewColumns, Conventions, Features2019-05-07 10:37:14
2019/05/06SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Revolution #9After-Action Reports, Features2019-05-06 18:17:39
2019/05/05Saturday Night Fights! Capt Funn’s Ma(i)denss – Sharp Practice 2Wargame Night2019-05-05 00:37:40
2019/04/29SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Part the EighthAfter-Action Reports, Features2019-04-29 10:45:48
2019/04/28Saturday Night Fights! Tiefendorf’s Freising Freeze-OutWargame Night2019-04-28 00:17:32
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2019/04/22SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Part The SixthAfter-Action Reports, Features2019-04-22 17:55:06
2019/04/21Saturday Night Fights! C&C Napoleonics & MoosebergWargame Night2019-04-21 00:28:51
2019/04/18SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Part The FifthAfter-Action Reports, Features2019-04-18 20:29:29
2019/04/17My Go-To Game: 7 WondersFeatures, Reviews2019-04-17 20:37:09
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2019/04/11SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Part The ThirdAfter-Action Reports, Features2019-04-11 10:05:56
2019/04/09Conflicts Around the Table & GMT Gets To Publish Whatever They WantColumns, Features2019-04-09 19:32:41
2019/04/08SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Part The DeuxAfter-Action Reports, Features2019-04-08 11:48:56
2019/04/07Saturday Night Fights! Gunpowder & Iron BallsWargame Night2019-04-07 00:19:12
2019/04/04SPACECORP 2025-2300 AD – The AAR, Part The FirstAfter-Action Reports, Features2019-04-04 18:44:34
2019/03/31Saturday Night Fights! Still Having Fun with Capt. FunnWargame Night2019-03-31 00:17:16
2019/03/24Saturday Night Fights! More Fun with Capt. FunnWargame Night2019-03-24 00:05:46
2019/03/17Saturday Night Fights! Having Fun with Capt. FunnWargame Night2019-03-17 00:12:13
2019/03/10Saturday Night Fights! Remember Burnaby, Part II – the BurnabeingWargame Night2019-03-10 01:49:51
2019/03/07First Look at the new Siege of the CitadelArticles, Features, Reviews, Unboxing2019-03-07 16:01:19
2019/03/03Saturday Night Fights! Battle of SaalfeldWargame Night2019-03-03 01:12:46
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2019/02/10Saturday Night Fights!Wargame Night2019-02-10 01:20:44
2019/01/27Saturday Night Fights!Wargame Night2019-01-27 01:06:40
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2019/01/19Fortune & Glory: An AAR – Part 4After-Action Reports, Features2019-01-19 11:02:22
2019/01/13Saturday Night Fights!After-Action Reports, Wargame Night2019-01-13 02:29:34
2019/01/05Fortune & Glory: An AAR – Part 3After-Action Reports, Features2019-01-05 11:32:28
2019/01/022018 – Looking Back and Looking Ahead, part 2Columns, Features2019-01-02 00:27:20
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2018/09/29Buckeye GameFest – A Convention Report, featuring Third Winter (OCS)Conventions, Events, Features2018-09-29 15:46:30
2018/09/27Classic Reviews: BCT Commander (Shrapnel Games)Articles, Reviews2018-09-27 09:48:52
2018/09/25Armchair Dragoons reviews Forgotten Legions (Compass Games)Features, Reviews2018-09-25 10:19:20
2018/08/02Academic Analyses of Hobby Games PlayersResearch2018-08-02 14:52:28
2018/07/10Battle Lab: Headquarters in WargamesColumns2018-07-10 13:11:01
2018/07/08Battle Lab: Fog of War(gaming)Columns2018-07-08 22:52:39
2018/07/02Entrepreneurship in the Hobby Games Segment of the Publishing IndustryResearch2018-07-02 02:30:05
2018/06/01Battle Lab: Why Logistics SucksColumns2018-06-01 12:57:33
2018/04/18Motivations of Hobby Game PlayersResearch2018-04-18 02:13:40
2018/04/03Battle Lab: Games and Sims for Training and Learning, IIColumns2018-04-03 10:05:09
2018/03/05Battle Lab: Games and Sims for Training and LearningColumns2018-03-05 18:56:34
2016/05/15Book Review: Zones of ControlReviews2016-05-15 19:57:44
2005/07/26Classic Articles: The Original Warfighter Series Designer DiaryDesign2005-07-26 11:23:20

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