May 19, 2024

FL(W)GS Spotlight Directory

Our FL(W)GS Directory will continue to grow as you contribute your local stores to our listings.

Store Name & LinkOur PageWargame Composite
(out of 21)
The Sentry BoxThe Sentry Box Spotlight18CalgaryAB
The Gamer's ArmoryThe Gamer's Armory Spotlight17CaryNC
Tabletop Game and HobbyTabletop Game and Hobby Spotlight16Overland ParkKS
The Game ChamberThe Game Chamber Spotlight15LondonON
The Compleat StrategistThe Compleat Strategist Spotlight15New YorkNY
Heart of Gold Games
Heart of Gold Games Spotlight
Hangar 18 HobbiesHangar 18 Spotlight13CaryNC
Gator's Games & Hobby
Gator's Games & Hobby Spotlight
The SoldieryThe Soldiery Spotlight10ColumbusOH
Beyond The BoardBeyond The Board Spotlight8DublinOH
The Game Kastle (Greenville)Game Kastle (Greenville) Spotlight8GreenvilleSC
Future Pastimes
Future Pastimes Spotlight

You can click on any of the header columns to sort the table. Not overly-necessary with just a handful of stores, but we hope it becomes vital with a few hundred stores in the eventual list!

Please submit your own local stores for inclusion in our directory

If you want a printable version of the form to collect the info until you get back to your computer and can upload there, you can grab this PDF to write on, and then upload with your photos later.

Ranking scale for the stores, which combine into our composite score (1-21 total). Note that the individual breakdowns are on their specific spotlight pages.

  • Wargame Friendliness: 1 (What’s a Wargame?) through 7 (Wargaming Nirvana)
  • Wargame Inventory On-Hand: 1 (A stray lonely copy of one game) through 7 (Inventory is at least least 90% wargames)
  • Wargaming Event Frequency: 1 (Monthly or less) through 7 (Nightly)

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