July 15, 2024

FL(W)GS Spotlight ~ The Game Chamber in London, Ontario

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 15 May 2023

Continuing our spotlight series on the Friendly Local (War)Game Stores around the US & Canada

The Game Chamber is located in London, ON

In our key ratings for the FLGS directory, The Game Chamber scores

  • 5 – Wargame Friendliness
  • 4 – Wargame Inventory On-Hand
  • 6 – Wargaming Event Frequency

This is a 1-7 scale, where higher numbers are better; see bottom of article for details

And Yes, they do offer online ordering; you can find them at their homepage

What makes this store awesome?
Hazdrubal says

Proximity, it’s literally a 5 minute walk from my house.

The Game Chamber has Eurogames as their main product inventory, but also carries a variety of board wargames, minis wargames, Eurogames, big-box “Ameritrash” games, tabletop RPGs, non-wargame minis, and collectible card games, plus some minis wargaming accessories.

On the shelves, it’s new games only.

For in-store gaming, you’ve got several large dedicated rooms for gaming, including a pretty swank and thematic private room for fantasy/medieval RPGs.

Snacks for sale? Yes!  In fact, they’ve got a separate ‘canteen’ room just for munching.

Take a look at the store!

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(photos submitted by Rich Brooks A.K.A. “Hazdrubal”)

Don’t forget to check out our overall FLGS directory, which will grow in listings as you folks submit your own nominations for inclusion!

Ranking scale for the stores

  • Wargame Friendliness:  1 (What’s a Wargame?)  through  7 (Wargaming Nirvana)
  • Wargame Inventory On-Hand:  1 (A stray lonely copy of one game)  through  7 (Inventory is at least least 90% wargames)
  • Wargaming Event Frequency:  1 (Monthly or less)  through  7 (Nightly)

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