April 18, 2024

Connections Online

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Connections Online 2024 will be held 15-20 April , 2024  (Core Events 16-18)

Distributed Wargaming — Recent Lessons Learned

With the onset of COVID, distributed wargaming — always of peripheral interest to the professional wargaming community, but rarely its focus — suddenly took center stage. Thrown into the proverbial deep end of the pool, wargaming institutions adapted. Let’s discuss how it happened, what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned from the experience.

And what we do next time.

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Core Events

16 April - 10:00Introduction & Distributed Wargaming: Some opening thoughts60
16 April - 11:00Distributed Wargaming Best Practices120
16 April - 13:00Peter Perla and the Art and Science of Professional Gaming120
16 April - 15:00Zenobia Awards Panel Presentation60
17 April - 10:00Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Wargaming Division60
17 April - 11:00Urban Warfare Wargaming: Past, Present, Future120
17 April - 13:00CNN Academy- Building Future Journalists120
17 April - 15:00Analytical Wargaming with SWIFT-G60
18 April - 10:00Human Factors and Cognitive Ergonomics60
18 April - 11:00Challenges with Online Multiplayer Events120
18 April - 13:00Using Discord to Provide the Kriegsspiel Experience120
18 April - 15:00Your Successful Professional Wargaming Career60


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CONNECTIONS ONLINE (CNX ONL) is the premier online/distributed conference for the wargaming practitioner community. This is our 4th annual conference (held in mid-April each year).

The conference is structured around 3 days of core events, covering 6 hours each. Outside of these core event hours, extended events may include additional seminars, game sessions, or social events.

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Connections Online is an online conference dedicated to advancing and preserving the art, science, and application of wargaming (including business and non-war topics) by bringing together wargaming professionals and dedicated hobbyists interested in the theory and practice of wargaming for analysis, education, training — and fun.

Connections Online is part of the Connections series of international conferences, which includes regular events in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, as well as occasional events in other parts of the world.

If you want to volunteer to help with Connections Online (or provide an extended event) contact us at armchairdragoonsevents – at – gmail – dot – com

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(future Connections Online event)

  • The archive page will be here.
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(future Connections Online event)

  • The archive page will be here.
  • The AAR will be here.
  • The forum thread will be here.

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Note that future Connections Online conferences will continue to point to this page, and past conferences will be archived to their own separate entries.

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