September 28, 2022

Connections Online

ConnexOnline-SC-lineThe one-day Connections Online Showcase will be held on 19 October 2022

October 19th will be a one-day, all-day Connections Online project showcase for professional/practitioner game design.  Each presentation will run 90-120 minutes and focus on a single use case of a game designed or adapted to professional military/natsec usage, including deep dives into the objectives/purposes, designs, mechanics, execution, and lessons learned from both the prep and conduct of the games.


  • This event is currently projected to run over 12 hours, as it’ll all be single-threaded (ie, no sessions overlapping with each other)
  • Registration opens 29 September 2022
  • Sessions will be broadcast through YouTube live for registered participants to interact with the presenters
  • Sessions will be made public for viewing after the completion of the showcase and an editorial review by the staff
Confirmed Presentations

  • Brian Train’s urban Kriegspiel for the 40th ID Urban Warfare Planners’ Course
  • GUWS member Matt Kirchman on A Splendid Failure (Reconstruction in post-ACW US)
  • GUWS member Andrew Olson on the Malign wargame design
  • CGSC Student Dan Hauser on Decisive Operations and incorporating that into the curriculum there

There are more presenters planned, but not yet hard-&-fast ‘confirmed’ so stay tuned!

Connections Online 2023

  • Core events planned for 18-20 April 2023
  • Extended events will run 17-23 April 2023

Theme and schedule will be confirmed at a later date.

If you want to volunteer to help with Connections Online (or provide an extended event) contact us at armchairdragoonsevents – at – gmail – dot – .com


Connections Online 2021

Connections Online 2022


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Note that future Connections Online conferences will continue to point to this page, and past conferences will be archived to their own separate entries.

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