April 23, 2024

Event Calendar

Live events across the wargaming world

Consolidated-Calendar-SplashWant to know when & where the Armchair Dragoons are going to strike?  Check out the event countdown in the sidebar to your right.  That will tell you the shows where we’re making official appearances in coordination with our vendor partners.  That said, Dragoons are known to appear at all sorts of conventions.

What’s on this calendar?  Conventions, regularly-scheduled games, and special live online events, as we add them.  This includes livestreams from folks like Ardwulf & Moe, as well as Saturday Night Fights.  We’ve tried to keep the synch matrix as current as we can, but there’s always a chance that someone issues a FRAGO and neglects to report it back to our HQ, so make sure you check their actual event info before finalizing your own OPORDs.

How do I get something on this calendar?
We’ve created a form for you to add a convention to the calendar. Submissions will be reviewed before being added.
If you have a club or organization with a subscription calendar, drop us a line in the forums about getting that added to the schedule.

Conventions-Only Extract

Note this runs multiple pages; load more events at the bottom of the table

EventStart DateEnd DateLocation
Southern Front 20229/15/20239/17/2023Morrisville
Barrage9/22/20239/2023/2023Havre de Grace MD
World Series of Board Gaming9/24/20239/28/2023Las Vegas
EssenSpiel10/5/202310/8/2023Essen Germany
Call To Arms10/6/202310/8/2023Williamsburg VA
GameHoleCon10/19/202310/22/2023Madison WI
Fall Assembly10/20/202310/22/2023Cary NC
Carnage Royale10/27/202310/29/2023Dover VT
Rock-Con11/3/202311/5/2023Rockford IL
BottosCon11/3/202311/5/2023Vancouver BC
Fall In11/4/202311/6/2023Lancaster PA
BGG.CON11/15/202311/19/2023Dallas TX
Battleground11/25/202311/25/2023Stockton-on-Tees UK
The ACDC1/12/20241/14/2024Armchair Dragoons HQ Online
Winter Offensive1/12/20241/14/2024Baltimore MD
Marscon1/12/20241/14/2024Norfolk VA
DunDraCon 472/16/20242/20/2024Santa Clara CA
The War Room at Buckeye Game Fest4/29/20245/5/2024Columbus OH
Buckeye Game Fest5/2/20245/5/2024Columbus OH
Historicon7/17/20247/21/2024Lancaster PA
GenCon7/31/20248/4/2024Indianapolis IN
BGG.CON11/13/202411/16/2024Dallas TX
The ACDC1/17/20251/19/2025Armchair Dragoons HQ Online
Winter Offensive1/17/20251/19/2025Baltimore MD
Historicon7/16/20257/20/2025Lancaster PA
BGG.CON11/19/202511/23/2025Dallas TX
Historicon7/15/20267/19/2026Lancaster PA

We’ve also got an events discussion area in our forum where you can make plans to join other Dragoons on an expedition >>

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