November 28, 2021

Event Calendar

Live events across the wargaming world

cal IconWant to know when & where the Armchair Dragoons are going to strike?  Check out the event countdown in the sidebar to your right, until we can get a calendar category set up that’s just dedicated to our expeditions.  That will tell you the shows where we’re making official appearances in coordination with our vendor partners.

What’s on this calendar?  Conventions, regularly-scheduled games, and special live online events, as we add them.  We’ve tried to keep the synch matrix as current as we can, but there’s always a chance that someone issues a FRAGO and neglects to report it back to our HQ, so make sure you check their actual event info before finalizing your own OPORDs.

How do I get something on this calendar?  Drop us a line in our forums and let us know what’s coming up

We’ve also got an events discussion area in our forum where you can make plans to join other Dragoons on an expedition >>

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