June 18, 2024

The Grand “Champions of Krynn” AAR ~ Part Four

Michael Eckenfels, 14 May 2023

Champions of Krynn AAR: Part 4, Money It ‘Tis

A lock box or chest with plenty of Steel is an intriguing option, though I have a feeling we’re going to face a tough challenge for anything like that.

COKAAR 4 036

The party is facing a door at the end of the hallway; the hallway zigs and zags in 10’ x 10’ glory off to the left, but the door is our target for the moment. So, without knocking of course, we waltz in as if we own the place. As you do in D&D.

COKAAR 4 037

Hmm. Abomination dragon things speaking of a plan, of someone called Myrtani. 

What do we do?

We eavesdrop, of course.

I’m certain this will lead to battle, but let’s see what else we can hear, now.

COKAAR 4 038

(Note: I may take a long-form screenshot like this occasionally, moving forward, to give perspective as to where the party is, exactly.)

Double hmm…eggs in a temple somewhere, something about a Death Knight (bad news…bad, bad, bad), something about conversion and…ambushes?

That’s about all we hear, because…

COKAAR 4 039

Now that stealth is no longer an option…

Smashen ~ “KILLLLLLL”

Izzie ~ “Awww, wookit da baby Orcs! They’re sooo cuuuute!”


COKAAR 4 040

The Hobbos are righteously pissed at Izzie, as usual.

COKAAR 4 041

Since we’re across the room from them, it’s a Really Bad Idea to charge across the space, so…we just sit and wait for them to move in. Sitting still and entering ‘Guard’ mode is the best tactic as once an enemy enters a space next to a Guarding character (monsters can do this too), the character that’s Guarding gets a free attack on them.

And once they gather up against our lines, a few well-placed Sleep spells ensure that’s the last space they’ll ever inhabit.

COKAAR 4 042

The battle is less than threatening, though Smashen lost his Long Sword in one of the Baaz. You see, these Baaz Draconians will turn to stone when they die, and there’s a chance that when they do that, they will take the weapon with them. This lasts for the remainder of battle – at the end, the character automatically regains their weapon, though it is unequipped; you have to remember to equip it again. This can lead to hilariously weak attacks in future battle where you’re all, “why is he only doing 1-2 HP worth of damage? Stupid gam-oh, wait.”

COKAAR 4 043

A whole 145 XP. But hey, movin’ on up to the higher levels soon, I think.

COKAAR 4 044

Whoa, 10 Steel. That’s what, 30 Steel we’ve plundered so far? That’s almost our pooled life savings at the start of this fracas of a e-Dungeon Module.

COKAAR 4 045

And lots and lots of toys. Nothing spectacular, though I’ll grab a few Broad Swords as secondary weapons for the time being. You never know when you’ll run into another Baaz in this game.

Hint: we will. Repeatedly.

COKAAR 4 046

The room we just cleared is the corner room, seen in the expanded screenshot above. We’re heading out the other door to the room, heading north.

Stepping out into the corridor, we find…

COKAAR 4 047

This is probably the banner of the Knight we’re looking for. 

A few squares later and we’re being attacked by another Random Encounter.

COKAAR 4 048


COKAAR 4 049

This is just a small group of Hobgoblins. Not even worth our time to cast spells on them. We make short work of them quickly, though there’s no money and yet another pile of weapons and armor.

COKAAR 4 050

Plus 31 more XP. Wheee!

Moving along through the corridors, we come upon yet another inhospitably closed door. This shall not stand. As heroes, we must invade every space we can find.

COKAAR 4 051

Boy howdy, that Cleric just opened OUR chest!

COKAAR 4 052

He has a few Skeletons in his closet. A-hahahahaha…ha…ha.

Okay, not all the jokes are good. Or any of them.

However, a well-placed Sleep spell puts the Cleric to z-land, and a few melee attacks make short work of his skeleton posse.

COKAAR 4 053

That’s a healthy amount of XP for a single encounter. He went down a lot easier than 500+ XP should have rewarded us for, though.

COKAAR 4 054

Okay, 200 Steel. Finally, we’re getting some coinage.

COKAAR 4 055

And what have we here? I’m pretty sure at least one of these weapons or armor items is a +1 something. So, we’re taking all of it.

COKAAR 4 056

And it looks like a good place to rest. The game wouldn’t lie about that, would it?

End of Part 4


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There once was a game called Krynn,
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