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The Grand “Champions of Krynn” AAR ~ Part Six

Michael Eckenfels, 28 May 2023

Champions of Krynn AAR: Part 6, Of Dice and Phlegm

We make our way back to Throtl, only to immediately be jumped by wandering Hobgoblins.

Hobgoblin ~ “We ain’t wanderin’.”

Izzie ~ “I’m wonderin’ why you’re wanderin’.”

Hobgoblin ~ “We…uhh…wait, whut?”

Smashen ~ “No one can keep you from living as your nature requires. Nothing can happen to you that is not required by Nature.”

COKAAR 6 083

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I guess they don’t like the cornbread, either.

COKAAR 6 084

This time, I don’t even bother to waste spells nor Izzie’s banal insults on these things. We just wipe the floor with them.

COKAAR 6 085

Thirty-one XP! Hahahahahahahaha! The world is ours!

Well…maybe not the world. Yet. For now, we just keep ess’plorin’.

Soon, we enter yet another room without being invited. The nerve. Or verve.

COKAAR 6 086


Should we follow?

Of course we should.

COKAAR 6 087

And, it’s a treasure room.

COKAAR 6 088

For characters as lowly as this party’s, this is quite a haul.

Maybe not a Monty Haul, but still.

COKAAR 6 089

We deal with more wandering monsters, this time in the form of Giant Centipedes and Giant Rats. Must be the South.

These things aren’t anywhere near a threat as Hobgoblins, which are not. At all. 

The only challenge here is the Giant Centipedes can poison the PCs if they hit. Fortunately, not one of them has a chance to. Heh-heh.

COKAAR 6 090

I’ve noticed after this “battle” (more like a “playground comedy”) that the other four characters in the party are ready to level up. So we hoof it back to the Outpost once again.

Once there, I head them over to the Commandant’s Office, just to see what’s what.

COKAAR 6 091

Hmm. Closed.

What’s this…a notice?

COKAAR 6 092

“Find Caramon in Throtl.” Yeah, I guess we should get to that.

I mean, it IS Part 6 already. We should be on our way to the Main Questline TM that must be explored. It might be pretty boring describing endless battles with rats and skeletons and rip-off vendor stalls.

Since we’re here, we head over to the Training Hall to take care of business.

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We then head over to the Inn to top off those spellcasters that advanced a level, to ensure they’re maxed out in that department.

Then…back to Throtl.

COKAAR 6 097

It’s quiet.

TOO quiet.

COKAAR 6 098

I spoke too soon.

Yet another random encounter.

COKAAR 6 099

And hardly worth scribing on and on about.

COKAAR 6 100


Now, as I was saying…

We explore.

As I recall, this initial area of entry into Throtl is L-shaped. So there’s a whole area to explore on the west side of this grid, as you can see in the following map:

COKAAR 6 101

We go north as far as we can, until we run into that locked door.

We can Bash, Pick, or just turn around and go home. Just go home and play Borderlands 3 or something. 

Ha, where’s the fun in that?


COKAAR 6 102

As soon as we do, an Arrow Trap nails us for a bit of damage. Not too bad, but still.

COKAAR 6 103

A bit further in and a “soldier” approaches our party. He wants to talk.

COKAAR 6 104

Journal Entry 35:

“I was with a party of knights and others under Caramon that came in here to explore. We haven’t really found anything. Caramon’s already left to report. I guess you must have missed him. 

“Oh, one thing we did find out was that there is a treasure left over from the previous occupants of Throtl. We got word of it from a hobgoblin who was sneaking in to claim it. Before he died, he told us that it was located in the south-central area of the city. Tell you what, if you help me find this treasure, I’ll split it with you. All right?”

Izzie ~ “Wait, let me get this straight.”

Soldier ~ “Yes…?”

Izzie ~ “You want US.”

Soldier ~ “…”

Izzie ~ “To SPLIT.”

Soldier ~ “…”

Izzie ~ “Treasure. With YOU.”

COKAAR 6 105

Hmm…sure, let’s trust a total stranger here in these dungeons. Of course, his first thought is to split treasure with six heavily-armed yet fresh-faced magazine models posing as PC players in this game, instead of rescuing Caramon or Carmack the Magnificent or whoever the heck the guy is we’re looking for.

In any case, our answer is, of course, NO.

COKAAR 6 106

Oh, he’s sorry to hear that.

Not as sorry as he’s gonna be.


COKAAR 6 107

Another cool feature of this Gold Box edition in Steam is, the map to the right actually doubles as something of a threat indicator. The boxes in green are our characters, while the gray one is the active one. The ones in red are, of course, our enemies. And helpfully, they all have the number of Hit Points (HP) displayed in the center of the box. 

It’s pretty obvious the 42 HP creature there in the upper left corner of the map (yet just out of sight on the main display to the left) is probably the guy that tried to lure us into a trap. So he’s probably a mid-level (for this game, anyway) fighter type. The other major hint to this, of course, is that the game called him a “soldier.”

We first start with Sleep spells as well as Izzie’s Patented Insults.

COKAAR 6 108


COKAAR 6 109

This battle is a bit rougher as the Soldier is damned hard to hit. We whiff many of our strikes on the guy.

COKAAR 6 110

Fortunately, we begin to get our licks in on him, while the Hobbos around him fall like cordwood. 

COKAAR 6 111

However, these licks are few and far between, and it’s highly annoying hearing that ‘swish’ of empty air as our characters time and again miss this guy. All the while, the Soldier is missing too, but he’s connecting more often than not.

Finally, after about close to five solid minutes of whiffing, I have one of our spellcasters do a Charm Person on the Soldier, in the hopes of ending this monotony.

COKAAR 6 112

Well. That went better than expected.

COKAAR 6 113

And with him Charmed, the battle has ended.

See? See how easy it is to succeed when you want to be nice, and not some kind of backstabby jackass?


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There once was a game called Krynn,
With warriors, mages, and dragons within,
In Champions of might,
They battled all night,
For glory, for honor, to win.

The heroes were brave and true,
Fighting foes, both old and new,
With spells and with swords,
They faced their rewards,
To vanquish the dark and break through.

From the streets of Solace they roamed,
To the lairs where dragons called home,
With quests to fulfill,
And battles to thrill,
Champions of Krynn, on they’d roam.

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