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The Grand “Champions of Krynn” AAR ~ Part Fifteen

Michael Eckenfels, 30 July 2023

Champions of Krynn AAR: Part 15, Gold, Frankincense, and Myrtani

We continue our uninvited exploration of Gargath Keep, in search of the Dragonlance, which is also sought after by Bad Guy #1, Myrtani, whom is apparently an Aurak Draconian.

Here’s what the game manual says about an Aurak:

Created from the eggs of gold dragons, they attack with energy bolts, poisonous gas or their claws and fangs. When an Aurak is slain it turns into a blazing ball of attacking energy for several rounds and then explodes. Auraks have the ability to mind control characters of 7th level and below.

Oh, awesome. Here’s another Draconian that does a neat, new parlor trick when it dies. It blows up. Perfect. Plus mind control, because why not?

COKAAR 15 333

We continue our way upwards through the Keep, not bothering now with much exploration (other than finding the damnable stairs which seem to be never-ending).

COKAAR 15 334

Eventually, we get to the floor that the guy we met in the last Chapter told us about – an illusory wall hiding the location of the Dragonlance!

COKAAR 15 335

Could it be THAT easy? Are we about to lay our hands on one of the most powerful weapons in the Dragonlance mythos?

Hahahaha, no.

COKAAR 15 336

WOMP WOMP. Looks like we missed the lootin’ party.

Still, there’s a few things left over that our predecessors missed in their haste to rob the place blind. How DARE they rob the place blind before we can?

COKAAR 15 337

I failed to take a screenshot, but there’s exactly two items, here. One is a magical Longsword. The other is a cursed Two-Handed Sword.

How do I know this? Because, that’s why.

The magical Long Sword is +1, but +4 versus Reptiles. This includes Draconians. So, it goes to Sir Fsup, our main melee tank in the party.

The cursed Two-Handed Sword remains where it is, in the room. Actually, it disappears, because Gold Box games give no frick about you. If you choose to not pick up a treasure, it disappears into the mists of pixelated small memory that these kinds of games had to deal with back in the day.

We exit this secret room and wind our way up the tower even more. The floor area is starting to narrow, making it much easier to locate stairs going up. Eventually, we reach the top room and burst in on a Draconian get-together of some kind.

COKAAR 15 338

Looks like the roaches are trying to fly the coop, so to speak.

Including Myrtani.

COKAAR 15 339

He’s gettin’ away!

COKAAR 15 340

More minions to deal with. We have a few Elvish Curates to face, whom are spellcasters, plus a bunch of Dracos.

Now’s a great time to try a Hold Person spell on the Curates. It seems Wynn always gets initiative in every fight, and there’s a bunch of enemy spellcasters to handle, so this seems a better option than her trying to thwack someone with her +1 Flail.

COKAAR 15 341

Joke’s on me, it seems to work really well. Both Curates are put out of action.

COKAAR 15 342

A little Stinking Cloud here too and we can make life more inconvenient for our enemies.

It’s not long before we’re able to down the Draconians, especially after their two spellcasters are taken out of action early.

COKAAR 15 343

We’re now faced with a quiet room.

COKAAR 15 344

The staircase that Myrtani ran up and away upon so bravely lies before us. We move up to it, and…

COKAAR 15 345

He not only laughs at us, but he throws a few more minions at us to slow our pursuit down.

COKAAR 15 346

A few Stinking Cloud spells end this encounter quickly. The Draconians are not always susceptible to it, but it does tend to work more often than not. And even if it does not, the AI isn’t terribly smart; the Draconians will move right through it to try to get to us, and it’s usually 50/50 if they’ll choke and gag and therefore become paralyzed and unable to fight.

COKAAR 15 347

The downside to Stinking Cloud is, it doesn’t last but for a handful of rounds; it will dissipate before long, and enemies caught in it will recover afterwards. You have to act fast once you use this spell, if possible.

COKAAR 15 348

We’re faced with the stairs, finally, and nothing else. We of course run up them to give further pursuit.

COKAAR 15 349

More stairs, more running upwards.

COKAAR 15 350

More minions try to stop us, but we reduce them to their component…uh…puddles.

COKAAR 15 351

Still we pursue this Aurak up the stairs, and still he throws minions at us. Yet, we are able to undo each attempted attack. Though, there are so many of them that I worry Myrtani will get away.

Not that it truly matters. Gold Box games are trigger-based, not time-based. At least, not these early ones. I could encamp for a month here and resume the pursuit to find whatever scripted encounter will happen, happen.

COKAAR 15 352

Welp, like I said. Scripted encounter runs, we’re too late, blah blah blah. I could have seen this coming, though struggling through so much of the enemy only to be rewarded with little, if anything, is frustrating. The prize – the Dragonlance – has eluded our grasp.

COKAAR 15 353

Oh, awesome. Black Dragons!


They are noted for spitting a stream of deadly acid as well as attacking with claws and fangs. Since they are extremely independent and only obey commands if it suits their purpose, Black Dragons were rarely used in direct assaults by the evil Dragon Highlords. They were more highly valued as guards.

I guess following Myrtani’s commands “suits their purpose” here. 

COKAAR 15 354

And of course, Myrtani gets away. Sigh.

COKAAR 15 355

Oh yeah, and three Black Dragons to deal with, now.

Wait, I almost forgot.

COKAAR 15 356


COKAAR 15 357

Of course, lighting this Wand off in the middle of an enclosed space isn’t the brightest of ideas, but I target the furthest tile away and we still manage to cut down all three Dragons with one shot. Smashen catches some damage too, but that can’t be helped, and he has plenty of hit points anyway.

COKAAR 15 358

That done, we are rewarded with some easy XP.

COKAAR 15 359

And suddenly are faced with an empty tower top. We have no option but to climb down.

Through more random encounters, of course.

COKAAR 15 360

As we climb down, the only option the party seems to have now is to return to the Outpost and level up, and seek council from Sir Karl. On the way out of the Keep, we explore a bit more of the area surrounding the Keep’s entrance, and stumble into an officer’s gathering.

COKAAR 15 361

They ask us what unit we’re from. The only one I know of is 101, which we saw on a tattoo earlier, so this is how the party responds.

COKAAR 15 362

They invite us to sit in on their little meeting. It might be a good place to gather some intel, so we readily accept sitting down rather than attacking.

COKAAR 15 363

Oh, great. So we gather no intel but listen to some speeches that are hardly indicative of any enemy strategy nor plans. I’d hoped to hear something about where Myrtani may be, but that is not discussed here at all.

At least the food is good.

With full stomachs, we decide to attack.

COKAAR 15 364

They didn’t see that coming.

COKAAR 15 365

More fart spells and down they go, though. A challenge hardly even worth speaking of, except that…

COKAAR 15 366

Journal Entry 23:

COKAAR 15 367

Well, THAT was useless. That’s a map of the Keep’s entrance level. We’ve already been there and done that, so it’s time to leave this place.

We head to the front gates, confident we’ll be okay other than some random encounters. I’d already attacked the guards at the gate so that area should be clear.

Key word: should.

COKAAR 15 368

Nope. More guards. A royal pain to deal with as they were tough when we came in, but now, more of the same.

Still, after a restart or six (it was about six reloads), we finally cut our way through the front gate and out into the fresh air.

We head back west to the Outpost to take care of business and see where we need to head to next.

End of Chapter 15

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