July 15, 2024

The Grand “Champions of Krynn” AAR ~ Part Nineteen

Michael Eckenfels, 3 September 2023

Champions of Krynn AAR: Part 19, The Test of Battle

Last time, our party was heading into the final Test – this one, of Battle – to apparently complete in order to gain access to Sir Dargaard’s final resting place.

Here we go.

COKAAR 19 478

I have a feeling this will be a challenge.

We continue inwards, faced with echoing, distant sounds that are odd.

COKAAR 19 479

Soon, we enter a large room where we’re faced with Skeletal Knights.

COKAAR 19 480

But before we get to face them, a trap is triggered, and everyone is damaged to an extent from a collapsing roof.

COKAAR 19 481

Then, the battle is joined. We are way up on the northern part of the room…

COKAAR 19 482

…while the four Skeletal Knights are on the far southern end.

COKAAR 19 483

I’m going to hope they don’t cast spells, so I keep the party firmly rooted where they are. And thankfully, the Skeletal Knights charge for melee. No spells here.

I did try to get Wynn to Turn these guys, just in case, and there was nothing doing. Her powers did nothing to these undead heathens!

COKAAR 19 484

And yet, there’s only four of them, so it doesn’t take too long to bring them down. Their Armor Class of 2 meant we missed a lot more than we should have, especially our two main melee tanks. Still, a victory is a victory.

COKAAR 19 485

I take a chance to Encamp and save the game at this point. I want to see if we can memorize spells, but the restless spirits here don’t allow it. They don’t attack, they just don’t let us concentrate. I can, however, perform a Fix command, to heal the party up. I have a feeling we’ll need those hit points here soon.

Continuing into the winding halls and rooms for this Test of Battle, we enter a small room where unintelligent creatures attack us. This is mostly Giant Rats and Giant Centipedes, as well as a few Mobats, which are not dangerous but are very hard to hit.

COKAAR 19 486

Soon, though, this encounter is done too, and we’re free to proceed.

COKAAR 19 487

We continue onwards, ready for anything. I think the next encounter will probably be the final test here. And sure enough…

COKAAR 19 488

Oh, CRAP. Undead Dragons are no fun at all. And there’s four of them!

COKAAR 19 489

While dangerous, these Undead Dragons can’t actually breathe anything, so they’re essentially big melee targets. 

COKAAR 19 490

Wand of Ice Storms, as well as a few Fireballs, really does a number on them and it’s not long before they’re all shattered across the floor.

COKAAR 19 491

They give out quite a nice sum of XP, too.

COKAAR 19 492

Geez, I hope so. I can’t imagine what may happen next.

With that being the third of three Tests, we can now hopefully proceed to the south to access Sir Dargaard’s Tomb.

COKAAR 19 493

The spectral apparition that turned us back before has no issue with us entering, now.

COKAAR 19 494

Wait, I have to answer this question?

COKAAR 19 495

Fortunately, it’s a simple matter of selecting Sir Fsup when the game asks which of my party members should answer. Without a Knight PC in the party, there’s no way we’d be able to get past this. He answers correctly – though what the answer actually is, I’ve no idea, as the game simply tells me it’s okay to continue.

COKAAR 19 496

This happens once again. 

COKAAR 19 497

And once again, I merely select Sir Fsup, whom apparently has all the answers (though he doesn’t share them with us).

COKAAR 19 498

Sir Fsup’s secretive answers get us past all the challenges leading to the actual burial spot.

COKAAR 19 499

Now, we’re right outside the entrance to his actual crypt. 

The game wins points for paranoia by saying something relatively innocent like “nothing appears” – ha.

COKAAR 19 500

Our charge? (That was screenshot number five hundred, by the way.)

COKAAR 19 501

A bunch of Solamnic Plate armor, a Girdle of Giant Strength (which makes the wearer have a Strength of 21), and a Long Sword +2.

The problem is, only Knights can wear this Solamnic Plate, so I go ahead and take all of them anyway. Might be we can sell them later.

COKAAR 19 502

The Tomb is now apparently laid to rest, though I wonder if that means intruders can now get in here and mess about.

COKAAR 19 503

Without wanting to stick around long enough to find out, we resolve to get out of here as quickly as possible.

COKAAR 19 504

We’re not quite quick enough.

These Draconians are large in number and vary greatly in type. The Bozak are spellcasters, making them very dangerous, especially with a high Armor Class of 2.

COKAAR 19 505

Fortunately, we’re able to fight them off, but they down both Smashen and Wynn thanks to some Hold Person spells the Bozak cast. 

COKAAR 19 506

We’re unable to bring down all the Draconians before they themselves knock our two hapless party members down. We Bandage them during the fight, though, so they don’t bleed to death.

COKAAR 19 507

With that battle done, we decide to Encamp immediately to risk some Fix commands to heal these two up, as well as Izzie, whom took a few hits herself.

COKAAR 19 508

Fortunately, we make it out of the Tomb and back to Outpost 2 without further accosting from denizens or Dracos. 

We head over to the Armoury to try to sell the sets of plate armor we do not need; they’re incredibly heavy and count hugely against encumbrance.

COKAAR 19 509

Unfortunately, we’re offered zero Steel for each set. I guess they’re far too specialized to be traded.

At least Sir Fsup keeps one set, though, which knocks his Armor Class down to a mind-boggling -7.

We then head over to the Commandant’s office to check in.

COKAAR 19 510

We don’t really have anything to check in with here, apparently, but our choice of path is chosen for us as we exit.

Of course, we agree to go with Maya to rescue Sir Karl. 

COKAAR 19 511


COKAAR 19 512

Eventually, we reach Neraka, and enter therein.

COKAAR 19 513

I wonder how she knows of the secret base. Was she here before? Is she just brilliant, or perhaps clairvoyant? I don’t know. All I know is, we have a direction to go in.

End of Chapter 19

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