April 23, 2024

The Grand “Champions of Krynn” AAR ~ Part Five

Michael Eckenfels, 21 May 2023

Champions of Krynn AAR: Part 5, 

In our little 10 x 10 haven, here in the middle of Monstertown, we rest. 

COKAAR 5 057

How setting a fire in the middle of a 10 x 10 foot room in an enclosed space is a good idea, I’ll never know. I guess carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t a D&D affliction. Well, it’s certainly not one in the Gold Box games.

COKAAR 5 058

I’ve also resolved to try to slow the action down a bit so I can take screenshots of the action. Too often a character will strike an awesome blow (or a monster will), and the moment will pass before the screenshot program gets its click in. Not a big deal, just something that slightly annoys me. However, considering the system this is running on is light-years over and above the Apple IIc I once played this game upon, the fact that it is actually playable is pretty amazing.

COKAAR 5 059

I’ve also realized that this Gold Box version on Steam not only has the map to the right, but above has an overview of all six characters. This includes a progression bar below their name that indicates how much experience they’ve accumulated; once filled, they’re ready for level advancement.

Because two of my six characters have accumulated enough experience to advance, and therefore learn better spells or get better To Hit rolls, I will return to the Outpost to get them skilled up.

Arriving there, I first decide to stop in to chat with the Commandant.

COKAAR 5 060

Whoopsie. High drama at the Outpost.

Head Lizard ~ I was a Sivak all this time! Muwahahahahaha!

Sir Karl ~ Wrong! You’re my next pair of boots!

Head Lizard ~(skewered)

We then speak with Sir Karl as to our findings, including how the ‘abandoned’ town isn’t so abandoned after all.

COKAAR 5 061

No kidding, Sherlock.

COKAAR 5 062

Sir Fsup ~ We may be inexperienced, but we have heart!

Waxhon ~ Moxie!

Wynn ~ Faith!

Kimjong ~ Arrows. Lots and lots of arrows.

Izzie ~ Light fingers!

Smashen ~ Perhaps we should leave these creatures alone and allow them to live a life of religious fulfillment and harmony with the universe, man.

Sir Fsup ~ Say what?

Smashen ~ Err…I mean…KILLLLLLLLLL!

With that note of exuberance acting as an exclamation point upon the end of a rather insane plan of sending inexperienced PCs to act as meat shields to plug a monster leak, we head off to the Training Hall to level up Wynn and Izzie.

COKAAR 5 063


COKAAR 5 064

With that done, we go to the Inn so Wynn can memorize one extra Cleric spell, another Cure Light Wounds.

COKAAR 5 065

Then, we stop at the Armoury to stock our Ranger up on yet more arrows. These things go quickly. Very, very quickly.

COKAAR 5 066

And before we know it, we’re back in Throtl to throttle some bad guys.

COKAAR 5 067

I have the party retrace steps to the east to explore more of that area of the city. And in one room, we find a bunch of Hobgoblins having a book club or circle jerk or something.

COKAAR 5 068

I think “Parlay,” especially when it comes to Hobgoblins, is an excellent idea.

Sir Fsup ~ “Of course it’s a secret, you ninny. The Boss let us in on things. We’re here to help.”

Hobgoblin ~ “’The Boss?’ You mean, Tyranthraxus?”

Sir Fsup ~ “Of…uhh…course?”

Hobgoblin ~ “You KNOW that’s ‘Pool of Radiance,’ right? Wrong source book! Stupid human!”

Sir Fsup ~ “Ain’t that something, a Hobgoblin calling a Human, ‘stupid.’”

COKAAR 5 069

So much for diplomacy.

We start off with Izzie hurling insults as to the oink-like heritage of the Hobgoblins. It goes better than expected.

COKAAR 5 070

Then, a well-placed Sleep spell puts their minimal hit dice butts into dreamland.

COKAAR 5 071

At that point, it’s little effort to take out the trash!

COKAAR 5 072

The battle hardly causes the party to break a sweat. And the rewards are just as unimpressive.

COKAAR 5 073


COKAAR 5 074

After that minor fracas, we wander about a bit more, opening doors (as you do), intruding into spaces (as you should), turning over every last stone and opening every drawer (figuratively, since you don’t do any of that in Gold Box games unless the game actually prompts you to do so specifically) to find every piece of treasure.

And sometimes, such as it is in the next room we enter, it’s like living in a rat trap and turning on the kitchen light, to see cockroaches scatter in every direction.

COKAAR 5 075

We’re looking at fighting about eight Hobgoblins and two Clerics.

COKAAR 5 076

Now, the Clerics can pose a problem, just because they love to cast Hold Person spells. Some of the demi human characters in my party may be able to shrug that off, but since this is a Gold Box game, more than likely the spells will work.

So, I have to get the party to act fast to incapacitate those two spell throwers as quickly as possible.

COKAAR 5 077

First, Izzie hurls her insults.

COKAAR 5 078

Then, Waxhon casts her ubiquitous Sleep spells. This first one is aimed at the left-most Cleric.

COKAAR 5 079

She then follows up with Magic Missile, which is aimed at the Cleric furthest away. Damaging the Cleric will mean that enemy will charge at us, since they will be unable to cast a spell this Round.

COKAAR 5 080

It doesn’t take long for the enemy to fall. With that small number of enemies and a Sleep spell or two, you’ll win pretty much every time. 

COKAAR 5 081

And the loot for this encounter isn’t bad; two sets of Chain Mail, which will come in good use for my party to replace the lackluster Ring Mail for a couple of them.

The only thing to keep in mind is, you have to re-memorize the darned spells.

COKAAR 5 082

We actually manage to rest without interruption, again. So far this city isn’t proving to be a big challenge, which tells me there will be plenty of challenge coming soon.

End of Part 5


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There once was a game called Krynn,
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