Mentioned in Dispatches, S2E4 – Kickstarter Our Hearts

Our second season of Mentioned in Dispatches continues with Jim & Michael talk about what’s on order, what we’ve pre-ordered, what we’ve pre-ordered and don’t ever expect to see (cough*UPFRONT*cough). We bring up Sails of Glory and Tabletop Simulator and Guderian’s Blitzkrieg and BayonetGames’ Warfighter series and Tank on Tank and plenty of others

And Jim wants to know how many rules systems do you know well enough to just pull off the shelf and play right away, anyway?


Enjoy the continuation of Season 2, and you can always catch up with past episodes on the “podcast” tab of our site.

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Mentioned in Dispatches, S2E4 – Kickstarter Our Hearts
Season 2

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