June 26, 2022

Mentioned in Dispatches, S2E9 – The Essential Wargaming Library

With the recent release of Matt Caffrey’s book On Wargaming, Brant enlists Brian Train (Game Theorist Designer) and Dr James Sterrett (the Director of Simulation Education at the US Army’s Command & General Staff College) to talk about some of the seminal books about wargaming, including Perla’s The Art of Wargaming, Dunnigan’s Complete Wargames Handbook, Sabin’s Simulating War, Koster’s A Theory of Fun For Game Design, and the Zones of Control anthology, among others.

So we talk about the books – what we like and don’t like, and how Dr Sterrett incorporates them into his curriculum at CGSC. We also discuss a variety of other sources about wargaming, and game design in general, and somehow manage to never mention McGonigal (and thank goodness).

About 2/3 of the way through, Brian Train makes note of the fact that there are plenty of links we should be sharing, so here they are:

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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches, S2E9 – The Essential Wargaming Library

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