October 4, 2023

#UnboxingDay – Normandy ’44 by GMT Games

Billy Riley / Jim Werbaneth, 18 November 2021 ~ #UnboxingDay

Billy’s contribution:
Another cracker by Mark Simonitch…I have France ’40 (a second hand copy), Ardennes ’44 and Holland ’44. I’ve only played Holland ’44 and only a few turns and loved it – but sadly had to pack it up because it was on the dining table and I never got it back out – but I did love the mechanics.

It made sense I should add Normandy ’44…if I like the rule set, why not? Also – I didn’t have a Normandy game (which even seems shocking to me as a board gamer)…so I ordered this in August 2020 – the 3rd printing and I’ve just received it – 1 year on and I’m very excited.

I did also order the mounted map which I received actually in August 2020 – but the game was some time away!


Box Art
Looks like some combat engineers ready to clear a way on the beaches of Normandy

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Box – Rear
The back of the box shows game details as well as a print of the map. I’m very pleased to see high suitability for solitaire play.


1 6 Sided Die


Rule Book
There are 36 pages in the Rule Book. It’s in colour on glossy paper and contains some examples. There’s a total of 25 pages of rules and the other pages are scenarios (3 in total), an extended example of play, Designers Notes, Index (which seems comprehensive) and some tables and charts at the back. Overall a decent show for a rule book.


Player Aid Cards
There’s one Player Aid Card – double sided


Setup Cards
There are 5 setup cards


There’s 2 and a half 1/2 inch counter sheets



The map of Normandy is a thing of beauty. This is the sheet that comes with the game – but I do have the mounted board


I’m very excited about this one. I loved Holland ’44 – for what I got to play – and I’m really looking forward to getting this on the table. I think after I finish playing Enemy Action: Ardennes, it stands a good chance of getting on the table.

For the first time ever, we had 2 contributors send in the exact same game, within hours of each other!
The following photos are from Friend-of-the-Dragoons, Jim Werbaneth

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