July 20, 2024

New Wargaming Media – #TuesdayNewsday 7/12/22

Each week, #TuesdayNewsday takes a look at the strategy gaming headlines of the week


Congrats to the dudes over at SDHISTCON for the launch of their new Conflicts of Interest PDF magazine.  It looks good, has some thought-provoking reads in it, and is already getting people agitated about it’s subject matter


















We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • Arcen Games has released a major update for AI War 2, their space 4x/grand-strategy/tower-defense hybrid (read the full patch notes here).  This latest update (version 5.500) incorporates several major mods into the game, as well as adding several boatloads’ worth of balance tweaks and bug-fixes (seriously, there’s a lot).
  • Benjamin Hauer, the lead/sole developer for Hero’s Hour, his light fantasy strategy game released by Goblinz Publishing back in March, has announced Rogue Realms, a new DLC slated for release later this year.  As the announcement comes only a few months after the game’s launch, it appears to have stirred up some controversy among its players, many of whom are still reporting numerous bugs and balance issues.  (For what it’s worth, a new patch for the game has also just dropped.)  Given that recent Steam review scores for Hero’s Hour have been “Mixed” (63%), compared to its overall rating of “Mostly Positive (77%) — and that the abrupt drop in rating/score coincides almost exactly with the announcement of the new DLC — it would at least suggest that a notable portion of the game’s community feels that announcing (and perhaps working on) new DLC this soon after launch is a bit premature.
  • Mohawk Games put out a new patch (Update #93) for Old World, their historical 4x set in the Classical/Antiquities period.  Alongside some work on the Dynasty system and difficulty settings (plus the usual bug-fixes and balance tweaks), the most significant feature of this update is the finalization of the various language localizations the developers have been working on the past few months.  Languages being added are French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and both simplified & traditional Chinese.
  • Beetlewing released a small patch for Slipways, their light space-empire strategy puzzle(like) game.  They also re-released the notes for several previous patches from the past couple weeks, as they were deleted due to one of Steam’s “quirks” (you can read the patch notes here).
  • Developer Lavapotion released a significant update (version 0.76.1) for Songs of Conquest, their turn-based fantasy strategy game in Steam Early-Access.  The update includes a lot work/re-work done to battle options, multiplayer turns, new map settings, and adding both Chinese (traditional) and Korean languages.
  • Silver Lemur Games released version 0.75 of Stellar Monarch 2, the latest entry to their space grand-strategy series currently in Steam Early-Access.  Aside from bug-fixes, this latest update focuses heavily on Noble Houses, with many features related to them being added, removed, or re-worked.







Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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