October 3, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches, S3E4 – Tabletoply Simulatin’

For over half the year now, we’ve been running our Saturday Night Fights on (get this….) Saturday nights.  A few hours of gaming and camaraderie, and you can watch it online if you’re not able to play.

Our man Cyrano is the ringmaster of the Saturday night wargaming circus, and we’re joined this week by some of the regular SNF participants – Vance, and Mike/OJsDad (another podcast debut!).  We talk about the origins of the SNF, as well as a few of the technical details of getting up and running with the Tabletop Simulator, and the breadth of games available for the system.

Stop by on Saturday evenings, and check out what the guys are playing. And if you’re interested in joining, check out the part of our forums where we organize the games.

A zoomed-out view of the table used for the SNF 30 Years’ War quad games


You can always catch up with past episodes on the “podcast” tab of our site.

Thanks for listening!  We’d love to have your feedback either in the comment area below, or in our discussion forum.  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches, S3E4 – Tabletoply Simulatin'

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