October 19, 2021

Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 14 – So, A Kriegsspiel Happened

11 December 2020 ~

We wrap up season 5 (five!) with a look back the grand 1809 Kriegsspiel, The Death Ride of Jean Lannes, as played out in our forums and through 2-1/2 years of email traffic.  Overseen by our own incomparable Cyrano, this campaign played out across central Bavaria, from Munich to Regensburg, and everywhere in between (if you want to see the map, it’s here).

From our cast of dozens, we are joined by Marshall, Scott, and James, who were all participants in the campaign, for their perspectives on what happened during there various parts of the campaign, and the battles they fought (or didn’t!) while trying their level best to succeed in their Napoleonic campaign.

Don’t forget, you can always catch up with past episodes on the “podcast” tab of our site.

Among the links discussed, Marshall put in a plug for the Southern California Kriegsspiel Society, which has a variety of games they crank out, even with the plague ravaging the land.  The game-clock thread in our forums is here, and while the first 300 or so posts are Jim winding the clock, the last 50-odd posts are a variety of the participants sharing what they planned and what actually happened.  Jim’s wrap-ups were published to the front page of the site, with part one here, and the video-heavy part two here.

As noted, this is the last episode of the season, and you’ll have to suffer through the holidays without us keeping you company.  But we’ll be back in 2021 (assuming 2020 actually goes away like it’s supposed to!) with season six!

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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 14 – So, A Kriegsspiel Happened

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