July 17, 2024

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 10 Ep 11 ~ What’s On Your Table and On The Horizon

21 April 2023

Moe & Grant pop in to join Brant on a discussion of what we’re playing now, and what we’re looking forward to, whether it’s upcoming games, or events, or games at events!

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Yes, we ramble a bit on this one, but that’s kind of our schtick, isn’t it?  We talk about Canadians wargaming the ACW and how awesome Bruce Maxwell is.  We cover some upcoming games we’re excited for and the events we’re going to hit for the rest of 2023 – like Weekend at the Warehouse, Origins, Compass Expo (both of them!), and the Armchair Dragoons Fall Assembly.

We’re winding down season 10, so catch us while we’re still recording before our usual Summer break!


We told you last week that nominations are open at BoardGameGeek for the Golden Geek Awards, including the podcast category.  There’s no chance in hell that Mentioned in Dispatches would ever win for Best Podcast because we’re not called “Meepled in Dispatched” or “Mentioned in Meeplepatches” or something, but it would be awesome to get a wargaming podcast into the final round of voting.
Throw us a bone a give us a nomination, eh?

While you’re there, give some love to Hexy Talk, Beyond Solitaire, History on the Table, Homo Ludens, and Harold on Games.  We’d tell you to vote for Pushing Cardboard, too, but Grant isn’t in the list 😱


If you can’t vote b/c you don’t have enough GeekGold to spend on it, shoot Brant a PM on BGG and he’ll send some your way.


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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 10 Ep 11 ~ What's On Your Table and On The Horizon

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