October 4, 2023

Armchair Dragoons Origins 2021 Events Schedule & Map

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 13 September 2021

Origins Game Fair has now opened event registration for the convention, scheduled for the end of this month.  The Armchair Dragoons will be re-establishing the Wargame HQ at Origins Game Fair this year, albeit with a limited slate of offerings.


Our Origins schedule, with event numbers, is…

GMEvent #Event TitleEvent Start DateEvent Start TimeEvent DurationMaximum Players for Event
Bob Fix9649Armchair Dragoons Presents: Tank Duel!9/30/20212:00 PM4 Hours6
Brant Guillory9961Armchair Dragoons Presents: Tank on Tank9/30/20214:00 PM2 Hours4
Rick Billings9964Armchair Dragoons Presents: Second World War at Sea naval combat9/30/20216:00 PM4 Hours4
Brant Guillory9647Armchair Dragoons Presents: A Distant Plain, a Team COIN event10/1/202112:00 PM4 Hours8
Bob Fix9650Armchair Dragoons Presents: Tank Duel!10/1/20216:00 PM4 Hours6
Gary Mengle9651Armchair Dragoons Presents: Commands & Colors Napoleonics10/1/20214:00 PM4 Hours8
Brant Guillory9962Armchair Dragoons Presents: Tank on Tank10/1/20217:00 PM2 Hours4
Rick Billings9965Armchair Dragoons Presents: Second World War at Sea naval combat10/1/20215:00 PM4 Hours4
Rick Billings9966Armchair Dragoons Presents: Age of Dogfights10/1/20211:00 PM2 Hours4
Brant Guillory9648Armchair Dragoons Presents: A Distant Plain, a Team COIN event10/2/20212:00 PM4 Hours8
Gary Mengle9652Armchair Dragoons Presents: Commands & Colors Napoleonics10/2/202112:00 PM4 Hours8
Brant Guillory9963Armchair Dragoons Presents: Tank on Tank10/2/202110:00 AM2 Hours4
Rick Billings9967Armchair Dragoons Presents: Age of Dogfights10/2/20211:00 PM2 Hours4

We have to accept ticket-holders first before we start to accept any generic tokens for events.  Once we start taking generic tokens, they are strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.  Unlike many other years where we can absorb additional players into events like the CPX’s or Kriegsspiels, these games really do max out at a certain number of players, so we highly recommend getting tickets as needed.

Additionally, we’ll have some other games that are not on the schedule, as they are not official events, but we’ll still poke around at them, like the copy of the USMC’s Fleet Marine Force game that Brant’s going to bring along.

We are located in the main gaming room, in booth G217 toward the back of the room, behind Rogue Judges and next to Game Base 7.  That said, if you look at the master maps, and the way the game hall and the exhibit hall connect, we’re right near the doors from the exhibit hall, near where Chip Theory is located.


As noted before, we don’t have any planned Origins War College talks, as we’re running short of people to help with those presentations.

As always, we will have a variety of prize support, as well as pick-up games, live broadcasts, and occasional interview or report from the floor, and the always-nutty prize raffle at the end for whatever’s left.

More information, including pre-registration, can be found on the Origins Game Fair website.

See you at the show!

If you want to see our events as they’re laid out on an hourly schedule grid, check this out

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