April 14, 2024

Origins 2021 Countdown is on – #TuesdayNewsday 9/14/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Origins kicks off in 2 weeks!  We’ve got our official event schedule finalized, and our gaming booth location staked out on the map.  You can read all about both of those here.



Newly Released This Week:

  • Lock ‘n Load has released the new LNLT Red Gauntlet expansion for the Heroes Against the Red Star base game.  It adds a map and includes a bunch of scenarios.
  • There’s a Gladius – Specialist Pack available as a DLC from Matrix for their Warhammer 40,000: Gladius game.
  • Ares Games are handling English-language distribution of the Brancalonia RPG setting, which mashes up Italian folklore, Spaghetti Westerns, traditional fairy tales, and Dante’s Divine Comedy into a medieval stew of gaming goodness.  There’s the base hardcover book, and the first expansion available now.
  • Steve Jackson Games has Halloween dice available right now for all your seasonal gaming needs.
  • Warlord Games released a new box of Russian line infantry for their Black Powder Napoleonic Wars line.  They also have some new British commandos for their Bolt Action line, too.
  • In the spirit of The Creature That Ate Sheboygan, High Flying Dice Games have released their new Mahoning Monstrosity, wherein the monsters attack Youngstown, Ohio.  All of this begs the question, of course, that if the monsters did pummel Youngstown, how would you be able to tell?  And yes, there’s a Marshmallow Man.


On Sale This Week:


Newly Launched This Week:

TN-BEL cover 200

  • The Ice & Dice game convention is using Kickstarter to help get up & running
  • Fantasy. Elf. Navy.  Preorder now.
  • Canvas Temple has launched the Kickstarter for Imperial Campaigns Series 1: The Boer War.  It’s already cleared the funding goal, but likely won’t be in your hands until mid-2022.
  • Legion Wargames have added Greg Blanchett’s new Silent Dead Series to their CPO program.  Volume One – Belyy is up on their site now for pre-order.
  • Modular terrain for minis wargaming, that looks like someone just 3d-printed the terrain tiles from Collins Epic’s Spearpoint expansions.
  • The designers behind Magic:  The Gathering (Garfield) and Ascension (Gary) have teamed up for a new collectible card game called Solforge Fusion that borrows from Keyforge for their deck production and customization. It’s blown thru it’s funding goal and has plenty of stretch goals and add-ons, and almost no information at all about gameplay on the campaign page.


This Week With The Armchair Dragoons:



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