March 22, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 1 – The Cold War!

11 September 2020 ~

Kicking off the new season, we bring in good friend RockyMountainNavy, and special guest, author Bart Gauvin (Northern Fury), to talk about wargaming the Cold War, with a focus on air/naval gaming.

Don’t forget, you can always catch up with past episodes on the “podcast” tab of our site.

We touch on the Fleet series, Speed of Heat, the Leader series, Blue Water NavyAir WarAir Superiority, identifying with individual counters, building large scenarios, digital vs tabletop Harpoon, and telling stories in your games.

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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 1 - The Cold War!

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