June 10, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 2 – Distributed Gaming & Tabletop Simulator

18 September 2020 ~

Jim/Cyrano and Mike/OJsDad hop on to talk about the year in Tabletop Simulator, from just the Dragoons playing for fun to the vital lifeline it became for so many hemmed in by the pandemic. What will game companies do with TTS and similar platforms out there? How will they try to monetize it? What about digital-only content for online platforms that never gets printed/published?

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We also talk about Mike’s ongoing efforts to create a TTS module, learning games (like LNLP’s W@W’85) through online play, and online “conventions” that played with these platforms (like ours!)

There’s also a discussion of the recent “Little Wars” video about (yes, again) the ‘death’ of wargaming, and some solutions they offer to the problem, including one that ties in rather closely with the TTS/streaming world that we spend the hour-and-change discussing.  Also, there’s a reason we spend time talking about The Wargame Network on this show 🙂

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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 2 – Distributed Gaming & Tabletop Simulator

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