March 29, 2023

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 10 Ep 2 ~ Cole Wehrle

17 February 2023

Another first-timer for Mentioned in Dispatches, celebrated game designer Cole Wehrle joins Brant and Jim to talk about all sorts of historical wargaming, and a wide variety of other things, too.

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Inspired by this Twitter thread about his view on Napoleonic wargames, we reached to Cole about joining the podcast, and then spent almost half the show not talking about them!  Never fear, though, with GOTY Cyrano in the house, we got back on track and covered plenty of Zuckerisms.

So come for Cole holding court on his designs like John Company and Arcs and Oath, and of course, the war-in-the-petting-zoo that was Root, but stay for his thoughts on the Bavarian Campaign, telescoping scales of command, the Russo-French alliance landing in Ireland, and more.  If you’re interested in that Discord server that Cole talked about, you can find it here.  And yes, there really was an article about Orange Crush is Foreign Policy.


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Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned In Dispatches
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 10 Ep 2 ~ Cole Wehrle

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