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Connections Online 2022 Archive


Connections Online 2022

WHAT: Connections Online Wargame Conference
WHEN: 19-21 April, with extended events from 18-24 April
WHY: To advance and preserve the art, science, and application of wargaming


Hex-Blocks-2022-4Original announcement / page info

Connections is an international series of conferences dedicated to advancing and preserving the art, science, and application of wargaming (to include gaming of business and non-war topics) by bringing together wargaming professionals (and some dedicated hobbyists) interested in the theory and practice of wargaming for analysis, education, and training — and fun, too.  

As the newest addition to the Connections-Wargaming community, Connections Online will celebrate our second year addressing the theme “Developing Wargame Practitioners.”  We are planning a diverse set of professionally focused “Core” panels/presentations between 10AM-4PM EST 19-21 Apr 2022.
Currently-planned core topics include:

  • Recent Innovations in Wargaming
  • How Wargamers Get Hired
  • Designing a Professional Wargame
  • Revisiting a Wargame That Helped Win WWII
  • Methodologies for Designing Cyber Wargames

We will once again stream video to registered users via YouTube and host additional chat using Discord before/after events.

As before, we are also planning “Extended” events, including games, niche topic panels/presentations, networking sessions, etc. These will be hosted using the tools deemed most useful by our volunteers and will run from 18-23 April, outside of the core event hours, and we will schedule to minimize ‘fratricide’ (“overlap”) between events.


The Armchair Dragoons AAR

Note that while most of the events have been recorded from their live streams, they accompanying chat from Discord was not archived.  Please see below for the recordings for those events that were streamed.



Event Proceedings

Welcome & Keynote (Core)

Welcome to the conference and an introduction to co-sponsors The Armchair Dragoons – WATCH HERE

Innovations in Hobby Wargaming (Core)

Designers showcase & highlight key innovations from the current commercial/hobby wargaming world – WATCH HERE

Hiring New Wargamers (Core)

Who hires wargamers? We do. Meet the Hiring Managers. We have assembled a group of individuals who hire, or influence hiring, for professional games. – WATCH HERE

Wargaming Practitioner Certification: Necessary or not? (Core)

An oft-debated and controversial idea – is there a need for a certification for wargaming practitioners? Is it a natural progression of a body of knowledge, or protectionist gatekeeping? Should the community take control of the process before someone outside does so instead? – WATCH HERE

Cyber-wargaming Using Merlin (Core)

Center for Naval Analyses staff discuss a framework for integrating how cyber is resourced in games. – WATCH HERE

How do you Design a Professional Wargame? (Core)

Perspectives on professional and commercial wargame design from several practitioners. – WATCH HERE

Space Wargaming Essentials Panel (Core)

Panel discussion by space professionals on what needs to considered to run space games in Near Earth Orbit – WATCH HERE

Western Approaches Tactical Unit, Revisited (Core)

Examining the documentary evidence of the development and implementation of tactics from the famed WATU in the Second World War – WATCH HERE

Resources for Professional Development of Wargamers (Core)

Covering resources available from the Military Operations Research Society, Georgetown University Wargaming Society, & Connections Archives. – WATCH HERE

Wargaming Other Than War (Core)

A variety of commercial games have appeared over the years, with wargame-like mechanics, that portray situations that are not actual wars or kinetic conflicts. What the models and game engines behind some of these games? – WATCH HERE

Wargaming Outside the National Security Space (Core)

Professional wargaming tools & techniques can be used in a variety of contexts outside of the national security and political decision-making space. What are some ways in which professional-style wargames and exercises are used in the business & commercial worlds? – WATCH HERE

The Essential Wargaming Library (Core)

As wargame practitioners, what are the core texts that everyone should have in their professional libraries, and what are some off-the-beaten-path recommendations of those in the field? – WATCH HERE  – BIBLIOGRAPHY OF DISCUSSED TEXTS at bottom of page

Orientation to Professional Wargaming (Extended)

An introduction to wargaming overall, and a focus on the professional & practitioner world, designed to give a broad overview to those unfamiliar with the field – WATCH HERE

Connections Happy Hour & Social (Extended)

Unstructured social-focused gathering for folks to just have a chat and get to know their fellow conferencees NOT STREAMED OR RECORDED

The Falklands War ~ 40 Years Later, Panel Discussion (Extended)

Light-but-lively academic discussion to frame the discussion with a time-line based outline & focus on one to two historic moments of innovation/ingenuity in each phase of operations. Highlight innovations in naval, air, and land operations throughout the conflict in equal measure. – WATCH HERE

Why Politics Matters ~ Wargaming Politics (Extended)

Evolution, approaches, and uses of politics in gaming.. From the creator of Founding Fathers, Making of the President 1960, & Twilight Struggle. – WATCH HERE

The Falklands War ~ A Seminar Game (Extended)

Seminar game covering the first three days of operations of the Falklands conflict (audience as Argentines). Using Simplot to help audience plot missions. GM will use Harpoon 5 minis rules to “judge” outcomes vs a set of standing British orders – (EDITED VIDEO COMING)

Benefits of Wargames ~ The Dietz Foundation (Extended)

Ways to blend Commerical/millitary games to further civil-military understanding & make better games. With emphasis on how to “convert” military members into gamers & connecting civilain’s love of eurogames to what the military does with their wargames. – WATCH HERE

NSDM Design-a-Game Workshop (Extended)

Interact w/National Security Decison-Making game lead on research/design choices. Will compare/contrast different game design approaches (boardgames, live action,etc) using the American Revolution as an example. NOT STREAMED OR RECORDED

Kriegsspiel (Extended)

A double-blind narrative-driven wargame based on the original Prussian Kriegsspiel of the 1800s, adapted for today’s digital environment.NOT STREAMED OR RECORDED

Game-Based Learning & Student Involvement (HMGS) (Extended)

HMGS NextGen Direcotor Jared Fishman on promoting learning thru gaming & building local communities – WATCH HERE

Wargaming Large-Scale Combat Operations (Extended)

What wargame design could enable Army leaders to better visualize the flow of operations in large-scale combat operations? All participants will receive Beta testing access to my wargame in development for both physical and virtual play via Table Top Simulator. – WATCH HERE

Wargame Bootcamp – Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTS (Extended)

Intro on how to play board wargames online using Discord, Vassal, & Tabletop Simulator. Acquire practical exp & confidence in how to effectively use these apps. No prior exp req’d, but MUST have VASSAL / TTS installed in advance on your computer.NOT STREAMED OR RECORDED

Aftershock (Extended)

The NGO / disaster-response game developed at Connections US in 2012 NOT STREAMED OR RECORDED

Hohi 1816 (Extended)

Overview/discussion covering HoHi 1816 an educational board game intended as a resource for primary school classrooms, Themes of the game include the different motivations of settlers and Māori in the days of early engagement in Aotearoa, New Zealand, prior to the Treaty of Waitangi. – WATCH HERE

Hohi 1816 Chapter 1 (Extended)

An educational board game. Intended as a resource for primary school classrooms, Themes of the game include the different motivations of settlers and Māori in the days of early engagement in Aotearoa, New Zealand, prior to the Treaty of Waitangi. NOT STREAMED OR RECORDED



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