June 13, 2024

Immersive Battle Maps Kickstarter Delivery

Brant Guillory, 23 October 2019

Tanner Yarro launched a Kickstarter earlier this year for a set of “immersive battle maps” that would be bound in a book, but lay flat for RPG use.  I pledged at the lowest level, and did not add on any of the options.  The sample maps quite attractive, and the idea of an oversize book (11×17 closed) that I could pull out for a quick skirmish was too good to pass up for under $40.

Now, the original delivery date was supposed to be May, and here we are in October and it just showed up.  Yes, that’s way late.  But Tanner Yarro never left backers in the dark about the status of production, or shipping, and was very forthcoming on the current state of the project such that when the delays popped up, there was no mystery as to whitings were moving slowly.

So how does the finished product look?  In a word….  amazing.

The book arrived in a large box, wrapped in craft paper, and I immediately dove in.


Yep, those are corner protectors on a large hardcover book.

Here’s a view with a pen, to show size, and a view of the back cover.

It’s a very thick book, with a wide variety of maps

Here’s a video, thumbing thru the book.

It did come with one overlay – a bunch of treasure hordes, some of which seem out-sized for the amount of space you have in the book layouts

The book has a light 1″ grid, and that’s helpful, but also barely contains the standard size base for the D&D collectible minis. The lay-flat binding really does lay flat, though.  It’s quite impressive.

Finally, here’s a video of the dry-erase page coating.  It erases quite easily, but I don’t know if I’d leave dry erase markings on the map on a closed book for too long to minimize any chances of transference.

Overall, it was a solid purchase, and I’ve been impressed with the production values, especially for the price.


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