April 20, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Operation Roundup from Against The Odds Magazine

Gordon Bliss, 21 March 2024 ~ #UnboxingDay

Operation Roundup is the main game in Against the Odds Annual 2021.  The game is a what-if of the allies landing in 1943 in the Pas de Calais region.

The game is primarily division level. Each turn is 3 days and each hex is about 2 miles across. The annual also includes a mini game on a hypothetical Soviet airborne attack on Hitler’s HQ in Rastenburg in summer 1944 (A Cornered Wolf). There is also some counters and rules for a variant for Arctic Disaster, the game that was in Against the Odds issue #47. The Annual’s main article is about Operation Roundup and along with a short article about the other game, there are several other articles, most of which cover “What-ifs”.

Unbox OpRoundup#1
The cover of the Annual along with the main counter sheet.

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Unbox OpRoundup#2
The map sheet for Operation Roundup.


Unbox OpRoundup#3
The map sheet and counters for A Cornered Wolf.


Unbox OpRoundup#4
Detail of part of the coastal area. There aren’t specific designated beaches – the Allies can place their initial Beachhead markers on any clear coastal hex.


Unbox OpRoundup#5
Detail of the charts and tables that are on the mapsheet.


Unbox OpRoundup#6
Details of the counter sheet. The numbers are attack and defense values. Movement is determined by unit type.


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