February 21, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ C3i Magazine Nr. 36 featuring Desert Victory: North Africa, 1940-1942 (RBM Studios, 2023)

RockyMountainNavy, 16 February 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

For many years C3i Magazine has been published on an annual basis with delivery usually falling in December. This year there was a slight delay meaning my copy did not land until late January 2023. The feature game in this issue of C3i is designer Trevor Bender’s Desert Victory: North Africa, 1940-1942 which is the Vol. II of the C3i Combined Arms series of wargames.

IMG 3838


While Desert Victory is the centerpiece wargame of the magazine, there is actually much other content in the bag.

IMG 3840
C3i Magazine Nr. 36 

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This issue of C3i is over 60 pages in length. That does NOT include the rule book for Desert Victory as that is a stand alone item as you will see shortly.

IMG 3841
Wargame reading


The centerpiece Desert Victory has a rule book, player aids, map and a shared countersheet.

IMG 3842
Desert Victory components


I have to say that for an ‘older’ Grognard like myself who was fortunate enough to ‘upgrade’ my glasses recently the larger hexes and counters of Desert Victory are very welcome.

IMG 3843
‘Grognard’-friendly sizing


If you are an SPQR player there is also a very nice module of rules, charts, and counters in this issue too.

IMG 3844
SPQR variant


For a game that already has many counters (10 sheets ain’t enough?) there are more counters for Pacific War in this issue.

IMG 3845
More Pacific War…


I have seen some calls already for RBM Studios to sell Desert Victory without the magazine. That’s unfortunate because for the price ($45) this entire package is a great bargain. Do you know that there are actually some people out there that read C3i? Don’t need the SPQR module or Pacific War counters? Find a fellow gamer who does and SHARE in our hobby (for a nominal fee, of course).


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