April 18, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea by Compass Games

RockyMountainNavy, 16 February 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

One of the latest pre-orders (or is it Kickstarter?) wargames to come out of the ponderous Compass Games production pipeline is designer Jon Southards’s Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea. This game is a solitaire game based on Carrier (Victory Games, 1990).

For a solitaire game this box is PACKED.

IMG 3854
All that for a solo game… 


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Hard to see here the mounted game board is an inch thick as it lays in the box.

IMG 3848
Thick board


Laid out you can see that Carrier Battle is not a small game.

IMG 3849
Lots of components


Oh, now I “see.” Part of the reason the rule book and play book are bigger is the font choice; bigger for “vision-challenged” Grognards like myself? Lots of helpful graphics too. WINNING!

IMG 3850
Rule Book


IMG 3851
Play Book


While the font used in the books of Carrier Battle is bigger, the counters, alas, are standard 1/2″ sized. Some of the text is so close to the corners I’m not sure they can even be rounded. Tweezers, good lighting, and maybe a magnifying glass are probably required for play. There are also three sheets of counters here…might need a few more baggies than those included!

IMG 3853
One of three sheets…


How does this play? Honestly, I’m waiting for “My Own Worst Enemy,” fellow-Dragoon Mike Colello to dig into this one!


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