June 13, 2024

#UnboxingDay! ~ Realms of Elghrune

Brant Guillory, 18 January 2024 ~ #UnboxingDay

Kickstarted last year, the Realms of Elghrune are a new RPG that’s not part of some old school revival or new-fangled open-source or apocalypse engine related game.  It’s a custom design from some new kids on the block, and comes in an attractive, if slightly-cartoonish, half-sized box.

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unbox realms 03

It’s not a packed-to-the-gills box.  I did spring for an extra pad of character sheets to help the designers move some extra product, even though I could’ve easily printed some more out myself.

You get a rulebook, the first issue of their ‘zine, a bookmark, a d20, the character sheets, a sticker, and a packing slip.


It’s a well-illustrated rulebook, with easy-to-read text.  Whoever did the graphic design on this did a tastefully-understated job.  The perfect binding on the book is a little tight, though, so you’re not going to be laying this flat on the table to reference during the game.  The rules are heavily dungeon-focused, but the worldbuilding explains the ‘why’ enough so that while it’s a little hokey, it at least fits into the overall ‘story’ of the world.


The ‘zine is mostly small adventures, focused on dungeon-running.  The “boss” parts of each adventure of clearly video-game-inspired, but that’s pretty much most of the game.


unbox realms 04

The character pad will tell you that this isn’t a terribly complicated ruleset.


unbox realms 13

The packing slip includes a randomizer table.  The bookmark is handy.  The die is… well, it’s a basic d20.  You’ve probably already got buckets of them, right?


unbox realms 15

One of the best endorsement quotes I’ve yet to see on a game box.


unbox realms 14

Thanks, Uncle Troy!


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