April 20, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ The Fate of Reiters by Hexasim

Robert Ellis, 21 December 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

Thanks to a late Birthday/early Christmas present, I have been fortunate to acquire a copy of The Fate of Reiters, the second game in a what is now a series of three games set in the period known as the French Wars of Religion.

unbox for Box

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I had, some time ago, already played the first game in the series– By Shot, Shock and Faith – and thus was familiar with the game system. In addition, I had recently been reading about warfare in the Renaissance period, and so this fits neatly into that historically time-frame.

The game covers five battles which took place between the years 1568 and 1587.

As usual with Hexasim games, the quality of the components is very good, and well made.

unbox for Maps and Rule Book

This includes two back-printed A2 size maps and one A3 map, together with two counter sheets for a total of 234 5/8″ counters.

unbox for Scenario cards and PACs

Also in the box are two D6, five very nice large scenario cards, and two double size, folded player aid cards.

The games really have quite a small footprint, both in terms of map size and counter density, so are ideal for those of us where space for games is at a premium.

unbox for Counters

A very nice package, and one I would recommend for anyone who has an interest in 16th century warfare


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