April 20, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Unblocking Rommel’s War by Worthington Publishing, Inc.

RockyMountainNavy, 15 February 2024 ~ #UnboxingDay

Rommel’s War by Derek Croxton from Worthington Publishing, Inc. (2024) is the latest entry in the field of lite World War II block wargames. Let’s take a look and see the future of block war games!

Worthington Publishing ran a short Kickstarter campaign in January 2024 for Rommel’s War. I was lucky enough to be one of the early pledge supporters so my copy came in early February.

IMG 5346
Cover not without some controversy, I read (click on image to enlarge)


I call Rommel’s War a “lite” block wargame because it is both a wargame that uses blocks but is also light to ship and lite on rules.

IMG 5347
Light/Lite block wargame


Opening the box of Rommel’s War one might be tempted to say it was mispacked. The first items seen are two copies of the Player Aid card and two copies of the rule book. Two copies? Yes, that is correct according to the contents on the back of the box.

IMG 5348
Recycled art


When I say Rommel’s War is a light wargame, one meaning is in the sense of the shipping weight and contents. Yes, there are blocks in here but not too many, a few cards, a mounted mapboard, and the previously mentioned Player Aid cards and rule book. Oh yeah, there is a single die also included.

IMG 5351
Sparse, almost desert-like contents


My second “lite” meaning is when I call Rommel’s War a lite wargame meaning it is a relatively uncomplicated game. The rule book, all 8 pages of it, is laid out in color and uses a font that is not too hard on this grognard’s eyes.

IMG 5354
Lite on rules


For all those historical conflict simulation aficionados out there you can rest easy because Rommel’s War is not a staid hex & counter wargame. This one has cards!

IMG 5355
Dealing generals


The player aid cards for Rommels’ War are digest-sized and easy to move around the table.

IMG 5352


Perhaps the most welcome part of Rommel’s War are the blocks. Blocks that come pre-printed. Blocks that don’t need to be stickered. Blocks that are ready play out-of-the box.

IMG 5350
No stickers!


So lite is Rommel’s War that I actually had my first play underway within 20 minutes of opening the box. Fair warning, however, that you will need a wide table to play given the somewhat unconventional 11″ x 34″ map.

IMG 5357
Yes, the desert is WIDE open


Here are Casa de RockyMountainNavy, though February is supposed to be winter the arrival of Rommel’s War continues a North Africa front theme for the month. Guess this is the new definition of “The Hotness” for wargamers…

IMG 5358
One shipped in at 8 lbs…the other a mere 2


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