May 22, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Schnell Boats by Compass Games

Jim Werbaneth, 19 January 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

Compass Games starter launching Schnell Boats at their customers over the past week, and it’s landed ashore for most per-orders by now.

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Schell Boats is the third installment in Joe Carter’s solitaire series on smaller-vessel naval warfare in World War II, following Devil Boats (American PT boats) and MTB (their British counterparts).  The game addresses the Kriegsmarine’s efforts in the English Channel, with their own highly-capable motor torpedo boats against Allied shipping.  As one would expect from a Compass Games offering, the components are full-color and of high-quality.  The map is mounted, and small, but then again, most of the gaming will take place on various displays and logs away from it.  Crewman are listed individually, allowing for a level of granularity that one sees more often in solitaire air games.


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