April 20, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ The scoop on SCOPE: Trilogy from Draco Ideas

RockyMountainNavy, 21 December 2023

Earlier this month I took delivery of a small Gamefound campaign that I backed in late August. SCOPE: Trilogy is a three-game set from Draco Ideas out of Madrid, Spain. Each game is set in World War II. SCOPE: Stalingrad depicts snipers at the Battle of Stalingrad. SCOPE: U-boot takes us to the North Atlantic where submarines stalk convoys protected by too few escorts. SCOPE: Panzer goes to the Western Front and shows tank-on-tank battles.

Each box in the SCOPE: Trilogy is an identically sized 6.25″ x 4.25″ x 1.25″ box. I fondly refer to the games by their color as much as I use their proper name.

IMG 5161
SCOPE in three parts (photo by RMN) click images to enlarge


Each title in the SCOPE: Trilogy is a wargame built using 60 cards. Each game includes a rule book; SCOPE: U-boot (aka the “blue box game”) also uses tokens. My Gamefound pledge also included card sleeves (not shown) which shipped with the games.

IMG 5164
“Red box” SCOPE: Stalingrad (2021-2023) (photo by RMN)


IMG 5174
“Blue box” SCOPE: U-boot (2022)


IMG 5179
“Green box” SCOPE: Panzer (2023)


Each game in the SCOPE: Trilogy has a rulebook with Spanish and English-language rules. Seeing that Draco Ideas is in Spain one should not be surprised that Spanish rules come first!

IMG 5167
Spanish as a first language (photo by RMN)


Each game of the SCOPE: Trilogy uses similar game mechanics to build a battlefield of cards consisting of empty areas and hidden units. Each game has advanced rules for added thematically-appropriate complexity. Each picture below shows a Basic Game setup.


IMG 5170
A hidden sniper takes out a mortar team in SCOPE: Stalingrad (photo by RMN)


IMG 5177
A German submarine (top) prepares to dive to attack an Allied convoy (bottom) in SCOPE: U-boot (photo by RMN)


IMG 5183
An American M4 Sherman takes a shot at a German Panzer IV in SCOPE: Panzer (photo by RMN)


Perhaps the most beautiful part of the unboxing of the SCOPE: Trilogy is truly what is inside the box. The box insert within each game is closely associated with the title game and well done.


IMG 5165
The streets of Stalingrad in SCOPE: Stalingrad (photo by RMN)


IMG 5175
Dive! Dive! Dive! in SCOPE: U-boot (photo by RMN)


IMG 5180
Just a Panzer in the forest in SCOPE: Panzer (photo by RMN)


You can get the SCOPE: Trilogy direct from Draco Ideas in Spain. The cost, alas, is a bit more than backers of the Gamefound campaign paid. Alternatively, each game is sold separately. If you are looking for small, lite wargames that are very family-friendly (easy to teach/learn and quick to play) then the SCOPE: Trilogy may be worth your attention.


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