April 23, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Stonewall Uprising by Catastrophe Games

Brant Guillory, 20 October 2022 ~ #UnboxingDay

It’s not often you get a Kickstarted game that shows up early.  Yes, you read that right, early.  So kudos to Catastrophe Games for exceeding that expectation.  We just wanted to get that out of the way up front1.2


Here’s the mandatory boxiness.

click images to enlarge

So it’s here.  What’s in it?



That’s some serious diecutting on the countersheet there.



The player mats are very colorful, and printed on a flexible faux canvas that folds and rolls very easily. Not unlike the…  y’know what, we’re just not gonna make that joke.


The rulebook is colorful, well-spaced, and well-illustrated.


And the cards have a variety of easily-distinguishable backs, and comic-inspired artwork.

It’ll be very interesting to see how this plays, but if nothing else, showing up early is a great start.


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  1. yes, that’s a cheap shot
  2. no, we’re not sorry

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