June 17, 2024

#Unboxing Day ~ Tiny Epic Vikings by Gamelyn Games

Brant Guillory, 16 March 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

My fandom of Gamelyn’s “Tiny Epic . . . ” line goes back over a decade, with Tiny Epic Kingdoms.  The western, dinosaur, and zombie ones didn’t catch my eye, but the mechs, quests, and dungeon ones have.  And now, Vikings!

unbox TEV 01

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The Kickstarter package included both the base game, and the Ragnarok expansion


Obligatory back-of-the-box marketing copy, and a nice touch that Gamelyn does for all their games – the inside of the top cover is always nicely illustrated.  Combined with a very thick cardstock used for the boxes, these make nice dice trays for the games that need them


unbox TEV 04

Everything in the base box


It’s a very thick double-sided board, but it does live up to the “tiny” name.


It’s a well-illustrated rulebook, with a handy quick-ref guide on the back.  There’s a built-in solo mode that’s not just grafted on.


There are a variety of cards in here, including playing mats for the gods, the clans, solo and multiplayer scorecards, the viking characters, the runes, and even the Shamans mini-expansion that game in the base box


They’re not all meeples, as there are vikings, huts, ships, score tokens, and resources, plus the runes.


The Ragnarok expansion includes a nice valkyrie image on the inside of the box. Note that this box is about half as tall as the base box, but the material is just as thick and has the same footprint.


unbox TEV 22

Here’s all of it


The rulebook tells you how to slay giants – no beanstalk required – and how to use the valkyries.


New gods, new clans, new cards, new giants (with variable / hidden strengths) and the valkyries themselves.


unbox TEV 23

Another new map, but this one is used with, not instead of, the one in the base game.


Looking forward to getting this on the table soon!

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