July 18, 2024

#Unboxing Day – C3i Magazine Nr. 34 featuring Battle for Kursk (RBM Studios, 2020)

RockyMountainNavy, 21 January 2021

RBM Studios released issue Nr. 34 of C3i Magazine in late 2020. In addition to the usual selection of very interesting articles (like the interview with the Godfather of Wargaming – Mr. James Dunnigan) this issue features the wargame Battle for Kursk. Oh yeah, Harold Buchanon has the first article of his new column inside too.


1 Shipping

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Because I worry about storage I bought the Collectors Edition (an additional $5.00) which ships the game in a non-descript C3i Magazine box. That poster folds out to a bit larger than 22″x34″ – now all that is needed is a frame for the gaming room…or a gaming room.


2 Packing

If RBM Studios keeps packing this much into an issue, well, “you’re gonna need a bigger box.” Note: When RBM Studio shipped this they put the contents in a folio bag (removed in the picture) and THEN put it inside the box which was literally BURSTING at the seams when delivered!

Reading Material

3 Covers

This issue includes the magazine (left) and a separate 16-page booklet (right) for the feature wargame, Battle for Kursk. Designed by Trevor Bender, Battle for Kursk is the first game in what C3i Magazine is calling their “C3i Combined Arms Series.”


4 RulesInside

The rule book for Battle for Kursk is lavishly illustrated, just like the magazine.

Maps & Play Aids

5 BfK

Battle for Kursk includes a Player Aid and folded paper map. Laid out the map is 22″x34″.

6 BfKMap



7 Counters

The single sheet of counters not only has the 114 needed to play Battle for Kursk, but also goodies for other GMT titles.

Firebase Vietnam

8 FirebaseVietnam

Also included in this issue is a solitaire game, Firebase Vietnam. The cover proclaims it as “C3i Good to Go Series – Volume I.” Hmm….

The Hunters

9 Hunters

Two new submarines for GMT Games The Hunters are included.



For all you Great Battle of History (GBOH) series fans there are rules for “Simple GBOH” and new scenarios/

All this for only $35 plus shipping. An unbeatable value!

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